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How to buy Disney Pins Online!

Buying pins has gotten easier and easier over the years. Now you don’t need to constantly visit the Disney Parks to buy pins, you just need to hop online.

But the internet can be a dark dark place for buying pins. Internet Auction sites, Amazon and Facebook to name a few can be rife of the dreaded ‘SCRAPPERS‘ and more recently Fantasy Pins. I’m not saying that these methods to spotting which ones to buy are the Pin Law, and I have accidentally purchased a few scrappers in my time (It’s hard when they only show you a picture), but it is a starting point.

So here are the easy steps to help you avoid the dark side of pin buying.


This is my number one key point for a reason! When looking online I often see pin lots for 50+ pins for approximately £20 or so, an offer that is way too good to be true. The only problem is that these pins are all Scrappers. 99.9% of time every pin in these bulk lots will be a fake (If you don’t believe me I found the website where you can buy the bulk lots from directly). These pins are often made in factories in China and around the world from old Disney Moulds that have been left. Even though they are technically Disney pins they are made to a poorer standard and without Disney’s permission. Therefore, they are Scrappers. Many people will buy these Bulk lots unknowing of their true origin, and give them to their children or use themselves to trade in the parks. This can cause thousands of fake pins to be emerging into circulation, making it very difficult for other Traders to get a genuine Disney pin. So please don’t buy bulk pin lots.

Step 2. Look at the price.

Like anything, if the price is too good to be true then it’s probably not legit. I have had real bargains online, but in many cases if a pin is selling for a couple of pounds it is likely to be a fake, or there is likely to be a scam… So just be aware.

Step 3. Plastic Bags. 

I have often noticed online that people post pictures of pins in plastic bags. These are once again indicators that they have come from the same factories in China etc. that are supplying the bulk lots. Also, Disney never ever ever sell pins in resealable bags which is another big giveaway. So stay clear!

 (Bags look similar to this)

Step 4. How many times has someone sold that pin?

Another thing that I find to be a big give away when someone is selling un-genuine Disney pins, is how many of the same on they have sold. If someone has sold lots of the same pin, it’s likely that it isn’t real. For example, I saw someone try and sell a Limited 100 pin approximately 10 times! This is a key feature of someone buying them in bulk from the factories and selling them on.

Step 5. Ask for a picture.

On some occasions people upload images of a pin which isn’t actually theres, or a stock view picture. I’m not saying that this is the main reason of how to spot an ungenuine seller, but it can be an indicator. On auction websites you can always ask a seller for a picture of the front and the back of the pin, which you can make your decision from, if you aren’t 100% certain. Most sellers will not have a problem sending you pictures of the pins, but if they will not send you a couple it is definitely a red flag.

Step 6. Check Feedback.

Probably one of the easiest things to do, is check a sellers feedback. If they have recieved a lot of negative comments regarding the quality of the pins etc. I would not buy from them. If it is just the odd comment, because seriously who has perfect feedback!? then it may be that they are a genuine seller.

Step 7. Item listing.

This to me is one of they key things to look for. If a seller is listing their item as ‘Tradable’, or ‘Genuine’ or words of those kinds. It can indicate that these pins are not genuine. All pins are tradable in the Disney parks, if they have Disney copyright on the back, but if you got a fake bag for example it would have the same markings to.  This is just the biggest red flag for me personally.

Step 8. Always pay with PAYPAL.

As I have been a victim of online fraud and scammers, I would say that this is the most important thing to do. By paying with Paypal (and sending money via. goods/services) you gain some extra protection. This means that if you do not receive your pin, or if you are unhappy for whatever reason you can claim your money back. Paypal is a lifesaver, and I would highly suggest that you do use this option when paying.

Thanks for reading!

If you do have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask/comment below.


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