Marvels: The Haunted Mansion Comic #1 REVIEW!

haunted mansion.jpg

I have awaited the newest release from Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms for quite some time, as I have thoroughly enjoyed their previous comic run, Big Thunder Mountain (written by Dennis Hopeless). The Haunted Mansion comics aim to address many guest and imaginer theories, whilst leaving most of them unconfirmed.

The story (written by Joshua Williamson) begins by developing the story of a teenage boy and his adventurer grandfather, who decide on exploring the decrepit New-Orleans vast estate. This comic mirrors the experience of a visitor to the Anaheim attraction, rather than my beloved Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, as the exterior of the manor is a close representation of Disneyland’s famous attraction.

This comic is aimed for the younger audience, or avid Disney fans such as myself. However, Williamson (writer of Illuminati and Red Skull) does a fantastic job of enticing any kind of reader and introducing us into the New Orleans world. Whilst Coelho (artist of Loki and Venom) provides a moody and stylistic world evocative of the manor itself. With both writer and artist providing hints and Easter eggs to the attraction itself, perfect for any self-proclaimed Disney geek.

haunted mansion 1

Overall, “The Haunted Mansion” Comic book was a great read, and will be definitely one of my regular pickups each month. The next issue is released April 20th 2016.
Rating 8.5/10

I hope you liked my first review! Cya later guys!

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