Disney Confessions!

If you know me personally or have ventured onto my Twitter page in the past few weeks, you will have noticed that I do have plenty of different opinions of Disney and Disneyland Paris. Thankfully some of you actually agree with some of my negative comments towards Disney, so I don’t feel like such a minority but I feel that this should post should not all be negative; after all, Disney is meant to be happy and joyful.

Thankfully this Disney Confessions tag has just surfaced, so I could not resist in you all getting to know me a bit better, and offloading some of my hidden Disney truths. I do hope that you will keep reading and stick around once I have unveiled my 10 Disney confessions. So lets start…


Confession 1: I really do not understand the hype around Frozen.

I started with this confession as I feel that many of you will actually agree with this. I admit that Frozen was the turning point for Disney, and actually got them back some of the recognition and fandom that is well needed, but it is all going too far. I can see the benefits of the story, with it being females that are there to save each other, or whatever… but this has been done many many times before. It essentially was not a brand new idea for Disney, the whole Princess running away storyline, and the songs in my opinion are nowhere near as good as songs written by the Sherman Brothers, so why has it achieved such critical acclaim?

I did enjoy the film but I cannot understand why people were waiting hours upon hours to meet Anna and Elsa. I also cannot fathom why Disney have decided to remove attractions in its favour *cough* Epcot *cough*. Yes it is making millions of pounds, but surely it is all going to come to a standstill, so why make such irreversible changes for a film that’s fandom is surely going to end.

I just don’t understand it all guys. If any of you would like to enlighten me on the fun of frozen please please please tell me.


Confession 2: I only really like three princesses.

I put this one as second as it kind of relates to Frozen… ish. I know this is going to be quite a controversial one as I don’t really like any of the princesses or their films, apart from Belle, Tiana and Merida. I haven’t got any real reasons apart from the majority of the Princesses, such as Snow Whites voice really grates on me, and I really can’t stand her singing. I only have these as my favourites because of Belle being the main princess I grew up with when I was little, so she will always have a soft place in my heart. Tiana, because I love how she is determined to get her own place and achieve things even when she is struggling. Merida, purely because I love her hair and she is just MERIDA. Luckily on my previous trip to Disneyland Paris in January I was able to meet both Merida and Tiana, so that’s a mission achieved. Next one to find is Belle (however, I refuse to queue in the Princess Pavilion purely because I don’t want to meet any other Princess).


Confession 3: I don’t think Walt Disney Studios is in such a bad state of affairs.

I have been visiting WDS since its opening in 2002, and have seen such change. Yes it was a difficult park to adjust to, but it has developed. It went from a half a morning park to a full day park in 14 years. I understand that there are many problems with expansion etc. but I don’t think it is that bad for 14 years work considering all the financial difficulties. My main reason though for loving the WDS is that It’s home to Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror and Ratatouille: The Adventure 3 of my favourite attractions at Disneyland Paris.


Confession 4: I am apprehensive of the introduction of an abundance of Marvel and Star Wars in Disney Parks.

Don’t get me wrong I am so glad that Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars, as I am a big fan of both of these franchises. I just think that there may be too much of both going into the parks. I fully understand why they are introducing them into the parks, as they will appeal to a wider audience. I am just unsure as to whether they will fit succinctly within the parks. An example of this is Disneyland Paris. The introduction of a Starwars Land is likely to lose the complete demographic of the park. In my opinion, it will lose the entirety of the Imagineers visions of Discoveryland. Look at what has happened with the introduction of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. I just don’t see it as being the right fit. However, with the introduction of Marvel into the Walt Disney Studios, I think it may be beneficial as it will help develop the park. I just think that it needs to be all done carefully, to ensure that the vision of the parks is still there.


Confession 5: I really enjoyed Tomorrowland. 

There I said it. I really enjoyed the film. I don’t know why, I just did.


Confession 6: Ratatouille is the BEST Pixar Film.


Carrying on with my favourites, I think that Ratatouille is the best Pixar film there is. The artwork is spectacular, the soundtrack is beautiful and it has a very different storyline. I have watched this film a million and one times, got all the games on each of the platforms, and even got The Art of Ratatouille book. I maybe a bit biased as to why I think it is the best, but watch closely and you will see the beauty of this film.


Confession 7: I think Cinemagique should have finished rather than Animagique.

Image result for cinemagique and animagiqueImage result for cinemagique and animagique







I think that many of you will actually agree with this one. When Animagique closed, it was a day that left my Disney heart broken. When I left the theatre for the last time after seeing it in January I could not stop my emotions and tears, as I realised that was the last time I would ever see that fantastic show. Therefore, I think it should not have ended. After 14 years, It was still nearly at full capacity for every showing, it was still able to entertain. Whereas Cinemagique in my opinion has gotten dated and quite boring. It has been due a renewal for a long long time. Many members of Cinemagiques audience were not even born when some of the films were released, whereas Animagique was timeless. Besides who does not love a show about Donald getting in trouble!


Confession 8: I assign people Disney Characters.

Everyone I meet / family members are assigned Disney characters, which are based on their personality traits/appearance. It is something that I have done since I was little with my mum and it has rather stuck.

Confession 9: I get scared on Peter Pans flight.

This one has good reasoning. I love rollercoasters and can go on nearly any ride without fear (only if it is a Disney ride) however with the one I just cannot face it. I find it petrifying, flying above the streets of London on a rickety old ship, no thanks. My horror began though when I was 2 years of age in Florida, when my father put me on there. First ride ever for a girl scared of heights and the dark. Not a good idea.


Confession 10: I think Disneyland Paris should have kept its name as Euro Disney.

I am going to leave on this note. I think Disneyland Paris should have kept its name as Euro Disney. Maybe it is because I am a 90s kid, but I just love the name Euro Disney. I know it does not sound as ‘classy’ as Disneyland Paris, but it does make the park stand out from the others in the States and now around the world. But the main reason for me keeping the park as Euro Disney is that once something is named it cannot be changed. An example of this is that I am forever correcting people that it is actually Disneyland Paris, rather than ‘Euro Disney’ or ‘Euro Disneyland’. I know that these are pretty rubbish reasons why it should have been kept the same, but it is my own thought. However, to me the only benefit I have to say about Disneyland Paris changing from Euro Disneyland is that I do now have a limited amount of Pins that I can collect.


That is all of my Disney confessions for today. I hope you enjoyed reading them and don’t think of me too differently. I would love for you to tell me your Disney confessions and if you agree / disagree with any of mine.



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Psst… Confession 11: I was close to being named Jessica Rabbit.

The paperwork was all written but at the last minute, my Mum would not let my Dad name me after her. Thanks Mum from saving me from that.


(I do not own any of the pictures on this post and all views and opinions are my own).


One thought on “Disney Confessions!

  1. I totally agree with the frozen one and the one about euro Disney 🙂 Euro Disney just sounds so much better to me than Disneyland Paris


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