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How Disney helps…

This is going to be one of the more personal blog posts I have written about, so far. It is something that affects me greatly and something I, and many of you, have to overcome each day. Anxiety.

It is something that I do not really talk about to many people, apart from Ben and my close friends, even my family do not understand the true extent to how it affects my life. My Mum is such a caring woman, and has had to cope with my difficulties for the past 23 years, but even she does not know how it truly affects me. She often comes with the saying of “You have nothing to worry about!” or “Just get over it” and other comments to that affect. I honestly think she does not know the extent that it hurts me when she says those things. I bet a fair few of you reading this can relate to that, having comments said by people who are close to you.

Anyway… My difficulties with Anxiety have only really started to affect my life since starting University. Due to having many ex-relationship troubles, University stresses and family problems, anxiety seems to have stemmed from that. I used to be a happy go lucky, no cares in the world kind of girl, and now it seems to be every day I am fighting a depressive little monsters (I call them Gremlins) that make me panic and just feel generally down.

I like many of you are continuously struggling to overcome my fears and anxieties of not being good enough, failure and all the rest of them. The main thing that helps me though is Disney. Disney has been a coping mechanism of mine for many years. It has helped me, through films/music and the parks overcome many trials and tribulations that have been thrown at me through the years. Disney is the safety net that I know will always be there, come rain or shine. It will always have my back, and be there to look after me each time I cry. I am so glad to say that Disney has also opened up a wide community of people via. Twitter, Instagram and more recently this blog, that I am able to share my Disney obsession with. Disney has slowly taken over my life, and often when I am feeling upset and low it is my go to, and I immerse myself into the fantasy life that I wish I could lead.

This is probably not the best way to overcome my Anxiety and other associated problems, but it helps. Like I am sure Disney helps many of you reading this in other ways…

Let me know in the comments below how Disney helps you, or send me a message, or a Tweet.



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