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Star Wars: Poe Dameron Review Issue #1.

I noticed on the shelf today, a comic that really appealed to me, with the cover reminding me of the recently closed Star Tours attraction at Disneyland Paris. As I mainly read comics about the female characters, this purchase was out of the ordinary. However, it did not disappoint.

Poe Dameron #1 begins with General Leia Organa authorising Poe to assemble a squad for a mission, which leads Poe into the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The story is quite straightforward and has enough action and world building, for Charles Soule (Writer) to engage and entice, make this a very successful first issue. Alongside Soule, Phil Noto’s artwork beautiful emphasises and adds depth to the story, from the opening panel of Poe in his X-Wing fighter until the very end.

General Leia Organa is wonderfully depicted as a strong and courageous leader, which is different to the tone of The Force Awakens, where her softer nature is emphasised. However, everyone’s new favourite droid BB-8 remains as characteristic and charismatic as ever, with letterer Joe Caramagna making BB-8’s dialog unlike anything I have seen before. BB-8 works well with Poe, as they provide lots of interaction throughout the comic, which for me is a favourite. Poe also remains as a wonderful character, with a relatable and fun attitude, which I really preferred to the Force Awakens Poe.

Even though this comic does not move rapidly, and in my opinion is quite short, there is still a lot of drama and action in Poe Dameron #1. Soule, Noto and Caramagna meticulously develop the Star Wars Comic universe, whilst providing a greater insight into the star wars universe as a whole, weaving it into the Force Awakens and enriching the story. This building of the Galaxy will, in my opinion make the film far more enjoyable to watch in the future. Now I cannot wait for issue #2 (Released May 4th 2016) to continue Poe’s adventure.


The second half of this comic, from writer/artist Chris Eliopoulous and colourist Jordie Bellaire, follows everyone’s new favourite droid BB-8.  This charming romantic comedy proves that Star Wars is not all serious, and is able to produce a light-hearted and fun tale. Lets hope BB-8’s back up story is continued to provide a bit of variety for Marvel.

 Overall rating: 9/10!
(Images Copyright Disney/Marvel)

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