The first Female President of EuroDisney S.A.S


Once again, Disneyland Paris Fans woke up to some unexpected news. Tom Wolber would be leaving the position of President of Euro Disney S.A.S, after only 18months of managing the company, in order to return to the United States and take on operational responsibilities of Disney Cruise Line, in favour of Catherine Powell, currently Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

Of all days to drop this! The parks 24th Birthday!

Just so you all know, management and business are not usually the kind of things I keep up to date with in regards to Disneyland Paris. However, as Wolber is well loved with many Disneyland Paris fans, I realise that this is a massive change in the direction of Disneyland Paris. Especially for a woman to be taking the helm.

I personally have noticed differences in the parks during Wolber’s short time as President, such as an increase in renovations and an improvement in food quality etc. However, I do begin to wonder whether these have been due to customer complaints and the need to renovate the park before it falls into disrepair. Therefore, I do not really feel capable of saying what impact he has had on the park over the past 18 months.

Disneyland Paris has been known to be quite resistant to changes put before it and needs a strong and adamant leader to take charge in order to improve the parks. I wonder if Powell will be able to rise to such a challenge.

Even though Powell has not managed a park before, she has held a variety of senior leadership roles throughout the world for Disney. Powell is known to be an exceptional leader who is able to adapt, and has 12 years’ experience needed to lead and continue the growing success of Disneyland Paris. I hope that this will be enough for her to become a successful President.

As Powell will also be the first female President for Euro Disney S.A.S, I am quite excited to see what a female lead will bring to the park. I hope that she will bring a new perspective and a different outlook in areas that have often been overlooked (The Disney Village for example). Additionally, as Powell has been the lead of Media Distribution, I wonder if she will bring more advertising for the parks and communication with fans, which is well and truly needed. (Or maybe address the meet and greet character problem I wrote about yesterday). Other than that, I am not sure what she will bring to the Park, but I am excited to see the change – especially when Disneyland Paris are moving with the times and having a Female in charge!

Powell will begin her role as President in July 2016. In the meantime, Wolber and Powell will transition the role, to ensure a continued commitment to the company’s long-term strategic priorities (Euro Disney S.C.A).


What do you think of the Wolber’s leaving and the introduction of the first female President of Euro Disney S.A.S. Let me know in the comments, or send us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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