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Marvels Civil War: Whose Side Should You Choose?


This isn’t a political campaign for a specific Avenger, just a way for you to come to your own decision about either being Team Cap or Team Ironman.

Within the comic book, ‘Civil War’ the original idea of the Superhuman Registration Act (Sokovia accords in the MCU) was based on registration for the heroes that would make them an extension of S.H.E.I.L.D. This is where they would get paid and could be held accountable to the government. I feel this message of regulation was muddled once Spider-Man revealed his identity to the public in favour of the registration act. As the act made the heroes register with the government but the heroes’ identity would still be hidden from the public. However, since there are no secret identities within the MCU movie verse (ignoring the introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther), I feel like the idea of registration will be much stronger than within the pages of the comics.


Team Ironman

Ironman is pro registration and is supported by is fellow Avengers; War Machine; Black Widow; Vision; Black Panther and recently revealed Spider-Man. Ironman wants the avengers to be regulated by the government to decide where they will be deployed and how they would operate. This may stem from the idea that if someone had overseen his activities issues like the Ultron could have been avoided.


Pros for registration include training for new heroes (much like was hinted at the end of Age of Ultron), so there would not be any untrained people operating with no supervision. This would be good because governing bodies like the police and military are held accountable by rules and regulations, which allows then to maintain order and protect civilians. Like the gun, registration in America prevents unqualified people from holding guns without fear of being arrested. The Sokovia accords would assess whether people are qualified enough to use their abilities to protect people as allowing people with abilities to do what they like, because even if people mean well if they are not trained collateral damage is more likely to happen. Even martial arts experts have to register their fist in case they cause harm to other people.

Protecting Civilians

It would be argued that it would infringe on the heroes rights to act as they wish, but the right to act only works up to the point of that it would not infringe on other people’s rights. Therefore, if the heroes rights to act infringes on a civilians right to protection from harm then they should not be able to act without supervision and potential penalties. (Yeah it’s a bit technical).


Team Cap

Captain America is against the registration of heroes and is supported by heroes like; Winter Soldier; Hawkeye; Scarlett Witch; Falcon and Ant-Man. Captain America does not trust the government to have full power over people and throughout the MCU, we have seen Cap clash with governments and organizations that try to obtain full control. Whether it be Red Skull and Hydra in the ‘First Avenger’ or S.H.E.L.D./Hydra in ‘Winter Solider’, he has seen that the government cannot be trusted will full authority and the Avengers should act independently of governments.

No Autonomy

If the government controlled the avengers then the avengers would not be able choose what battle they engage in and they would more than likely be restricted to US soil. If the avengers are an independent body they can act globally without the need to engage with local governments, they could go the to another country, help the civilians and leave without any trouble, if they were regulated then they would not be able to investigate globally like they did in ‘Age of Ultron’.


We have already seen within the MCU that governments and government bodies are susceptible to corruption on a mass scale and Captain America has been at the front to stopping them. So allowing governments with the MCU the power to control superheroes can only lead to desire results.


Personally I support Captain America as Ironman has been shown to make mistakes that have devastating results even when he tries to do the right thing. In addition the Avengers could self-regulate themselves (like when Thor fought Hulk and Black Widow defeated Hawkeye in the first Avengers film) to have the best of both worlds. Besides Cap is the first Avenger… enough said.

Which side are you on? Leave a comment letting me know who and why, or send us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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