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Pin Trading in the parks.


For me, Pin Trading is a must during any Disney holiday – you will never know what you will find on a cast member lanyard, or even on the pin trading boards. By the end of the day, you could end up with a lanyard filled with brand new to you pins, glistening in the Disney sunset… who doesn’t want that.
If you are planning on a Disney vacation, and do want to incorporate Disney Pin Trading into your visit, there a few things you need to know.

Trading with a Cast Member

If you spot a Cast Member (CM) with a lanyard or hip lanyard, approach them and ask if you may have a look at their pins. I usually find that having a look at a CM lanyard during a transaction is best. I like to finish the transaction, have a think, and then go back to that CM and trade.

Rules for trading with a CM:

  • Refrain from touching – if you can’t see the pins clearly, ask to have them brought a bit closer. (You can also ask them to take it off their lanyard and check if it is a scrapper) Click here for How to check if a pin is a scrapper. 
  • See anything you like? Ask if you can trade for that pin! (A CM will never say no).
  • The pin you choose to trade away should not be a pin the Cast Member already has on their lanyard.
  • You can trade up to two pins with a single Cast Member per day.
  • If a Cast Member is wearing a green or teal-coloured lanyard this means only guests aged 3-12 may trade off that lanyard.
  • For safety, trade one pin at a time with the pin back attached to the post of the pin!


Trading with Pin Traders.

You can also find other Pin Traders in the parks to trade with. Many of the parks have designated areas for Pin Traders to trade amongst themselves – In Disneyland Paris this is near Victorias Home-Style Kitchen or Pueblo Trading Post at weekends. There are also guidelines for trading in these areas, and some common courtesy measures that are worth noting:

  • There is a limit of one table for each Pin Trader.
  • Limit of one pin bag/ binder in the Pin Trading location per Guest.
  • Limit of one pin bag/ binder on the table.
  • Tables may not be moved.
  • Always ask to look at a pin bag/ binder before touching.
  • When turning pages in a bag be sure to move them slowly and set them gently on top of the others in order to prevent scratches.
  • It’s not appropriate to ask another Pin Trader to purchase pins from a store in order to complete a trade.
  • Remember, unlike Cast Members, Pin Trader’s are not obligated to complete a trade and some may refuse!

Another great time to trade with other pin collectors is at Pin Trading Night. Commonly referred to as PTN’s, these free events are held throughout the year at many of the Disney parks. These are great events to check out different collections, and to have fun. At Disneyland Paris, they take place at the last weekend of the month – check out the DLP Pin Trading month release board for Date/ Time and Location.

Now you are all ready to get Pin Trading in the Parks. So go and have fun and trade away.

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