TOP 5: Disneyland Paris Parade Songs.

5. Just Like We Dreamed It

From the Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade, which premiered on March 31st 2007, for the parks 15th Anniversary Celebration. This was a precursor to the current Magic Everywhere Parade – most of the floats from this parade are still used today but with some alterations and extra characters. I love this song just because of how catchy it is. I love it. Check out the song HERE!


4. Magic Everywhere!

This is the current parade song at Disneyland Paris. I love this song in particular because of how many amazing memories it brings back to me. Eventhough this is a parade song celebrating the parks 20th anniversary (back in 2012). In 2014 the lyrics changed “Celebrating 20 Years” to “Celebrating Magic Wonder” – a better fit obviously. Check out the original song HERE!


3. Fantillusion

The parade itself ran from July 5th 2003 – October 31st 2012, this was a fantastic evening parade show. It consisted of 12 floats, which equates to 400,000 lightbulbs and 60 km of cabling. Don’t forget the 600 litres of dry ice used for the “show modes” and 9 tonnes of batteries used every night. Whilst 50 performers would take part for the parade each night. This was a fantastic song as each float had their own orchestrated and variation on the main theme, with the music from the film telling the story along with character voices. If you have never heard of the Fantillusion song, check it out HERE


2. Dancin [A Catchy Rhythm]

This will always be one of my favourite Disneyland Paris songs, as it is the one I grew up with. This song was my childhood. This song came from the Wonderful World of Disney Parade which ran from March 1998 to March 2007. It was a fantastic parade, and featured 17 different floats. In my opinion the best parade daytime parade Disneyland Paris has ever had (so far). Check out the song HERE!



1. Main Street Electrical Light Parade (La Parade Electrique de Main Street, USA)

Well obviously number 1 had to be the original nighttime parade song! The parade itself ran from April 12th 1992 until March 23rd 2003. Once again this is a song that I remember from my childhood. I especially remember sitting on Main Street, during a warm summers evening waiting for the parade to begin,eating popcorn and wearing an armful of glowbands that I convinced my parents to buy me. Yeah they ran out before we got back to the hotel, but I did not mind at all. Anyway, this song is a classic. If you have not heard it, check it out HERE!




What are your Top 5: Disneyland Paris Parade Songs? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending us a message on twitter @ejh92x



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