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How to choose what Pins to collect?



Deciding what to collect is a very difficult  deicision. Initially it was a difficult decision for me, and it still is, after nearly 15 years of pin trading. As I am very indecisive and love to collect pins from new films that I enjoy. However, choosing what you want to collect should be a decision that is made earlier rather than later, although it can take time to establish what you like. You can also change what you want to collect throughout your time collecting, or even have multiple side collections.

A side collection is a secondary collection of another theme. These usually feature in a secondary position when talking about your main collection. These are great for being able to collect lots of different pins. However, make sure you set some boundaries, and keep yourself in check. If not you can end up in a similar situation to me and having a lot of different types of collections. It does make it quite difficult to improve / gain more pins for specific collections. Therefore, I would say it is best to have maybe one main collection and two side collections.

Once you have decided on the theme (such as character/time period/film etc.) then you can start to research around what pins are currently available. This can be done by checking the pinpics.com page and searching for your theme. Similar to the different ways to collect your chosen theme, there are many different types of collectors:

A ‘completist’ collects any pin that includes their desired character/film.
A ‘selective’ collects are pin that includes in their opinion a good interpretation of the character/film. They will often take into consideration the design of the pin and other features.

Neither type of collector is better than the other, it is just personal preference. Also you can be a ‘completist’ for one collection and a ‘selective’ for a different collection. So do not feel like you have to be one type of collection.

Overall, take your time in deciding what pins you want to collect. If you cannot decide on a theme, you can still start collecting, and hopefully it will help give you an idea. Some other ideas is trying to think of your favourite characters/places/rides etc. revisit Disney memories and find what brings the magic to you. This is the best way as your collection will be personal to you, and help to provide you with the magic feeling that Disney can only provide.

But remember: just take it slow until you have a firm idea of what you want to collect, as you could end up with lots of pins left for ‘traders’.


I hope this has helped you decide what pins you want to collect. If you collect pins already, what theme have you got? Also how did you decide on that theme? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or send us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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