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Pin Trading Glossary!

Here is your full glossary of all the different pin terminology, you will need to know.


A pin with more than one layer


Annual Passholder Pin: A pin that is available exclusively to annual pass holders for purchase.

Artist Choice Pin: A pin that has an artist logo on it, a pencil and a paintbrush crossed with the words “Disney Artist Choice”

Attraction Character Pin: A pin that includes a character found exclusively in an attraction or show; example Figment

Award Pin: A pin that was given as an award, usually to Cast Members



Bootleg Pin: A pin that illegally uses copyrighted characters or themes

Build-A-Pin: A pin that was either a base or add on from the build-a-pin program



Cartoon/ Short Film Pin: A pin with a character from or pertaining to an animated short educational film or featurette

Cast Lanyard Series: Pins that are exclusively available to Cast Members to trade with guests in the parks, currently referred to as Hidden Mickey’s.

CM: Cast Member (Disney Employee)

COM:Character of the month

Commemorative Pin: Any Pin that commemorates an event such as a park, ride or movie opening.

Countdown Pin: A pin that is part of a series released to countdown the opening of a park, event or movie etc.

Counterfeit Pin: A pin that is manufactured illegally meant to be a copy of an authentic pin

Cruise Line Pin: A pin from Disney Cruise Line or Castaway Cay

CTT: Continuing the tradition



DA: Disney Auction

DA LE 100: A pin sold through Disney Auctions that is Limited Edition 100

Dangle Pin: A pin that has a dangle feature

DCA: Disney California Adventure

DCL: Disney Cruise Line

DEC: Disney Employee Center

DEP: Disney Electrical Parade

DG: Disney Gallery

DHS: Disney Hollywood Studios

Diorama Pin: Pins with no posts are attached to a solid base at a 90 degree angle to create a layered effect for display purposes.

Disney Auction: Exclusive pins sold by Disney through ebay, usually these pins were high quality and lower edition sizes. This program is no longer active.

DJS: Disney Jim Shore

DL: Disneyland

DLP: Disneyland Paris



Easel Pin:A pin that comes with it’s own small easel for display



Fantasy Pin: A pin that isn’t made by Disney but doesn’t infringe on Disney copyrights



HG: Holy Grail

HTF: Hard To Find



ISO:In Search Of



JDS: Japan Disney Store



Land Pin: A pin having to do with a ‘land’ in a Disney theme park

Lanyard Medallio: A decorative medal that can be clipped onto a lanyard

Light Up Pin :A pin that lights up

Local Culture Pin: An olympic pin dealing with an area of local culture

Logo Pin: A pin depicting a logo from an attraction, show, land, park etc.



M&P: Mickey and Pals Shop (Japan)

Map Pin: A pin that is part of a larger set that when put together forms a map

Mascot Pin : A pin of a mascot form the Olympic Games

MIB: Mint In Box

MK: Magic Kingdom

MM:  Mickey Mouse/ Magical Memories

MNNSHP: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

MOC:  Mint On Card

Movement: A pin that has a part that moves

MVMCP: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party



NBC: Nightmare Before Christmas



ODPT: Official Disney Pin Trading (Disney’s Official Pin Website)

Official Sponsor Pin: A pin from a licensed Olympic Sponsor



Park Pin: A pin with a park name or logo on it

Pin Bag: A bag designed to store pins

P.I.N.S:  A pin sold through the Purchase It Now Store on Disney Auctions

Pin of the Month: A pin that is part of the Pin of the Month series released at a theme park or retail establishment

PODM: Piece Of Disney Magic

POH: Piece Of History; a series of pins that include a piece of an attraction from a park.

POM: Pin Of the Month

PP# : PinPics Number

PP: Pre Production

Prototype: A pin that is a prototype of a pin released or considered for production, that is not confirmed as a scrapper or bootleg

PTD: Pin Trading Day

PTN: Pin Trading Night

Puzzle Pin: A pin released with a series or set of pins that can be put together like a puzzle

PWP: Pin With Purchase



Reveal Conceal Pins: Pins that are part of a set sold in a small box, with one pin visible and the other hidden

RSP: Random Selection Process



Scoop: Magic Kingdom Main Street Reporter and Disney Pin Expert

Scrapper: A pin made during an official run meant to be discard or destroyed (scrapped) for not meeting quality control standards

Series:  A series of pins all relating to the same theme or subject

Set (or part of): A pin that was sold as a part of a set under the same SKU #

Slider: A pin with a part that slides

Sparkle/ Glitter Pin: A pin that has a sparkle or glitter area

Special Backing Cards: A card that is released with a pin with artwork unique to that pin and or release

Stained Glass Pin:  A pin that has a translucent area meant to mimic stained glass



TA: Trade Assist

TDL: Tokyo Disneyland

TDS: Tokyo Disney Store/ Tokyo Disney Sea



VHTF: Very Hard To Find



WDC: Walt Disney Company/ Walt Disney Classic

WDW: Walt Disney World

WOC: World Of Color



(Image Copyright: Disney)


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