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Disneyland Paris Pins: May 2016!

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Looking at this months pin releases, there is nothing that I am desperate to get hold of.

4th May 2016 Releases

Obviously May 4th is Star Wars day, so obviously they are releasing Star Wars pins. I have really liked the other Star Wars pins Disneyland Paris has released, but I am not too fond of these ones. I think they would have been a lot nicer if they did not have the words underneath, but that is just me. I do think they are great for Star Wars collectors, but as they are quite high in limited editions (600) I do not think they will sell out very quickly.

14th May 2016 Releases

It’s Finding Dory time. These look like a great selection of pins to commemorate the film. From the picture it looks like they will have lots of detail on them, as they are simplistic in design I really can’t wait to see them. If they look nice enough in real life, I may have to pick up the Marlin and Dory pin on my next trip.

The limited edition pins being released on this day, are a Yzma Villains pin. I love this style of pins, and as Yzma is probably my favourite villain, I am gutted that I will not be able to get one in the park. Also as Yzma does not really have a lot of pins, it is likely that this one will be quite hard to get hold of. Fingers crossed I will be able to find one somewhere!

The other limited edition pin being released, is another from the My Dog series, but this time Bolt. Similarly to Yzma, I have not really seen a lot of Bolt Pins being released, which will make it a must have for Bolt collectors. Also, the My Dog has been a very successful series so far, so for any of you trying to complete this one. Good Luck!

21st May 2016 Releases

Tsum Tsum pins, are quite new. I am not particularly fond of these ones, but they may look better in person. I find them to be very simplistic, and do not have a lot of detail on, which is something I like.

The limited editions released this day, are another Finding Dory Pin and an Alice Through The Looking Glass cheshire cat pin. I think that both of these pins look great. However, I think that the Dory pin will be very successful, compared to the cheshire cat pin. Both are limited edition 600, so once again quite a large size.

28th May 2016 Releases

The only pin released is a Frozen pin. Like any Frozen pins, this one will probably sell out. It is a lovely pin with little anna and elsa on, which is not something that is often found in Disneyland Paris.


Overall, there is a good selection of pins this month being released at Disneyland Paris. Are there any pins on here that you must have? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x



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