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Countdown to the Magic: Booking!

If any of you follow me on Twitter @ejh92x you will know that yesterday I booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris! Even though I had been thinking of going to the park for my birthday, it really was a spontaneous decision to book.

Before that, I did have a look around the internet, on different travel agents, Disney, Expedia etc. looking up prices for different days to travel and different modes of transport. However, we found that by booking with Disney directly we were able to get the best offer, and that we knew everything would be safer booking with them. As I have a lot of anxiety, especially about things going wrong, we decided anyway that this would be the best decision for me, as I would not be worrying about what would happen if something was to go wrong.

Anyway, at 9am (BST) I rang up Disneyland Paris, and got through to quite an unmagical woman – she was really miserable and not a lot of help. As I had looked on the French DLP website and found a better deal, she had to put me through to the French office, in order for me to get that deal.

Luckily, I got transferred to a very helpful French Lady, who was wonderful. As I wanted to book through the French offer, this would have resulted in me having to book my own flights independently – which is something I really did not want to do. So instead, she had a look on her system and found a similar deal, but it included the Half Board Meal Plan, a change from the Cheyenne to the Hotel Santa Fe, and also an extra day in the park, with really good flights from Manchester. I must have been on the phone to her for 5-10 minutes, asking her all these questions about prices and everything else, but there was nothing too much trouble for her. She was fantastic.

I also explained  to her that as we had been to DLP before, but had never used the half board tickets, she explained everything to me clearly, and told me about the values of the voucher. Eventhough now I am still a bit confused, and am kind of dreading using them in the parks. She even said that she would write on our information that we would be celebrating my Birthday whilst we were there and also that we have visited numerous times before, which may bring us some Pixie Dust. I’m not sure if we will get any Pixie Dust on our trip, but just being their on my Birthday will make it magical.

Anyway, I would say, when booking Disneyland Paris, do not be scared to call the booking line. They often have really good deals through their, which can be better than those advertised online. I was really greatful for that woman yesterday morning, for already making my birthday trip magical!


Thankyou for reading part 1 of my Countdown to the Magic series! I will be posting up to the holiday, about what we are taking on our trip, what pins we are taking, and all other bits. So keep watching!

If there is anything specific you would like to see/know about leave us a comment below or send us a message on twitter @ejh92x



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