Lets have a catchup!

Hi Guys!

Sorry for being a bit distant for the past few weeks. Everything has been a little bit too hectic!

Recently, I have had exam season at Uni, with 5 exams in the past two weeks. Yes I said 5! At University having more than a couple of exams is really unheard of, but yet I had so many. Luckily today was the last day of exams, unless I have to do resits (which at the minute maybe quite likely).

The thing that has got to me most, is that unfortunately my Grandad passed away. It has been a very difficult time for me recently, so have really lost all motivation on writing or actually doing much. His funeral is on Thursday this week, so I probably won’t be about around much then.

Oh and next week I am on Placement for University, which means it will be another busy, busy, busy few weeks!

So if I am not posting a lot, then do not worry. I will be back!



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