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Tsum Tsum Madness!

Yesterday, I joined the Tsum Tsum hype. I cannot believe it has happened, after all this time.

The thing that got me excited was hearing about the Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsum Series 2 set. I had only briefly heard about all the excitement on Twitter, the night before, so I thought I may as well go to the Disney Store in Manchester, just to pick up the Cheshire Cat Tsum Tsum.

However, when I got to the store at 9:30 am, there were hardly any left. Even though the store was quiet, it looked like the store had been ransacked and there was nothing left. So in my haste, and Disney Compulsion (which I have mentioned HERE) I decided to buy some of the Tsum Tsum’s that I actually wanted.

Walking around the Arndale Centre, and having a little look on Twitter, I heard about them going out of stock online, and that this massive craze was setting off for them. So off I went upstairs to get the last of the Tsum Tsum set that I needed. I was quite happy with myself for getting, at what I thought at the time, was a complete set.

So off I went home, to look at my new collection!


My favourite of the set, is obviously Cheshire Cat. I think he looks the most accurate of them all. As I have not always been a massive fan of Tsum Tsum’s and never really understood why people bought them – I am surprised that I actually really like one. With both the White Rabbit and Doormouse looking as cute as a button!

Once again, in the style of Tsum Tsums, some of the other characters, such as Alice, in my Disney Opinion, are not very accurate or really look like the character. However, I needed to buy them!

As a set I love them, although I am missing the unwinged Absolum. I am trying to tell myself that I am not that bothered, as if I were to get him, I would not have an even number, or a number that I can make into a pyramid. You all know though, that if I do see him about for £3, I will buy him!


The release of this set has been crazy, with many of the small Tsum Tsums exceeding £20 +, which is absolutely ridiculous. Like any collectable, if people are willing to pay that price for them, then people will keep charging them. It is continually happening with Pin Trading, and for other Disney collectibles so I doubt it will stop any time soon.

But what I do know, is that this will be my first and last Disney Tsum Tsum collection. I cannot stand to have any more stress and anxiety, for when a new Disney Pin is released!
Did you manage to get the Alice Set?
Do you collect Disney Tsum Tsums? If not, why not?

Let us know by leaving a comment below, or sending us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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