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My Dream Disneyland Paris Parade: Nighttime!

Hi Guys!

I am back after a really busy week. So I thought I would welcome you all back with My Dream Disneyland Paris Parade: Nighttime! You can check out My Dream Daytime Parade HERE! 

Once again I would like to thank Silvia Snow, who gave me the idea for these posts.


1. Music!

I think that the music for this should be quite electrical, and rhythmic. I love the music from The Electrical Light Parade and the newer Paint The Night Parade, so I really would like it to be something similar to that. I do also think that this should be a contrast to the daytime parade, to show that there is a difference between them. Also it would be really good if the music could actually be downloaded or even put onto a CD!

2. Characters and Floats!

I tried to put these into two paragraphs, but as they are so similar I had to put them together. Really I have a lot of ideas about floats, so here is my seperate list.

  • Classic Characters – These characters would feature again, however I would like to see them placed on their own float. I also would like to see the characters in different costumes, that would possibly light up.
  • Princesses – I do think that the Princesses would feature on the parade, as they are very popular. I would like to see the Princesses dancing in the parade with possibly dresses that light up and change colour!
  • Villains- You can not have a parade without Villains! I think that similar to the previous Fantillusion parade, each Villain would have their own float that had some special effects.
  • Extra Floats – I really would like to see different characters being used for this parade. Similar to Paint the Night I would like to see Cars being incorporated. This could also include extra new characters if needed too.

3. Extra Effects!

For the nighttime parade, I would like to see extra effects going on. This could include projections onto the castle, extra strobe lighting, and also water/fire that they use for Dreams! This would an extra element to the parade, that has not been done before.


Thank you for reading my Dream Disneyland Paris Parade: Nighttime! What would your perfect nighttime parade be? Let me know by leaving a comment below or sending us a message on twitter @ejh92x


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