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Countdown to the magic: Minnie Ears!

If you follow me on Twitter @ejh92x you’ll know that I have started making my own Minnie ears.

Recently, making your own Minnie Ears has become the ‘in’ thing to do, just so that you are able to make personal ears. I think that it is a fantastic idea, as I love being crafty and making things that are individualistic.

I am really proud of my first ears that I made and I do plan on making more with different styles.


I started by using simple fabrics for the ears, just to keep things a bit easier. I cannot wait to make them a bit more different too!

After making a couple of ears, I have been able to make some little changes to the ears and hopefully soon I will have made the perfect ears for my trip to Disneyland Paris. Oh and so I can share with you all how I made my ears…. that is if any of you would read it.

Have you made your own Minnie ears? If so, how did you make them?

Also would you want to find out how I made my own Minnie ears?!

Leave a comment below, or send us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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