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PhotoPass+ : What is it all about?!


Hi Guys!

I was thinking to myself last night, that when I was initially going to buy a Photopass+ I had so many questions about it, and if it was actually worth the money.

So what is Photopass+ ?

“With PhotoPass+ keep all your souvenir photos as high quality digital image files. Valid for 10 days from 1st use, save all your souvenir photos by presenting your PhotoPass+ card to the Disney PhotoPass photographers, or at the sales counter of attractions equipped with an image capture system. All of the photos associated to your PhotoPass+ card will be transferred to the web site, operated by our partner Fujifilm. Your photos will also be available for viewing on the Disneyland Paris PhotoPass App, operated by Fujifilm. Use of the PhotoPass+ card indicates that you agree to this data transfer.” – Disneyland Paris

Basically, it is an easy method to get all of the ride photos and character meets (aslong as there is a photographer present) in one place. The standard is available for pictures to be added for 10 consecutive days, whereas the annual pass version (you need to have an annual pass to purchase this) is valid for a full year!


So inside you get a lanyard with your pass, and two other vouchers which can be given to other people in your group. So you can all take different photos, and they will be linked to the same account! Great or what!!

How do I use a Photopass+?

It is really simple. What I did before I left the UK, was to download the Disney Photopass app (just put it into iTunes/AppStore and it will be the first one there!) and sign up. You then pick up / purchase your card and off you go.

If you have added Photopass onto your booking, at Check in at your hotel they will provide you with a voucher. You take this voucher to one of the ships, we went to World of Disney, and they just give you the photopass there. 

For each ride, which has a photo point, you have a look at your picture and remember the number of your picture. You then go over to the photo cashier, hand them your Photopass lanyard / card, tell them your number and they put the picture onto their for you.

For each character meet and greet, you just hand over your photopass lanyard/ card and it will beep, and your photos should be on there at the end. It can take around an hour or two to for these photos to come on, so I would recommend waiting a bit and then walking over to a photopoint such as Floras, or the Studio Store, and ask to see your pictures. If they are not there you can just tell them the time of your meeting and location, and they should be able to find them there.

Then at the end of the day when you have wifi, you can enter the code off the back of the card into the app, and check that all your photos are there! Then when I get back to the UK, I can log onto the website and have a look at my photos online.

What do I do if my photos are not there?

Luckily for us this happened in the park. Like I said before, you just go into a shop which you can look at photos, and explain that your photos are not on your card. They then ask you the time of meeting / location / ride and they should be able to find them and put them on your card.

If you get back home and they are not there. You would have to contact Disneyland Paris directly, or visit the website and ask them to locate your photos.

I prefer checking each night / before we leave that all my photos are on the app just so I have security that I know they are there.

How do I buy a Photopass +

I bought my Photopass + with my booking with Disneyland Paris. By doing this I was able to save nearly £20! Oh and all I have to do when I get to DLP is pick it up, and it is ready to use. You can buy it in most stores in DLP too!


Do you think it is worth the money?

Definitely. I have been able to get some amazing pictures from it. I was talking to Ben and we decided that after looking at some of the pictures, we would have bought quite a lot of them anyway. I also think that if this had been around when I was a lot younger, there would have been a lot more photos with my family and I with the characters, which would have been nice. Oh and those hilarious ride photos! For us it is definitely worth the money, but it does depend on how many characters you plan on meeting and also how many rides you plan on going on, that have a camera point.

Here are a couple of the photos we got on our last visit!


We have been able to use these photos for other things, like putting them on pillows etc. The quality is amazing, and I am so glad we got them! I do think it would be good to have more camera locations, and more photographers but really for us it was worth the money.

I am so glad we have got one for our next trip to Disneyland Paris!

Have you used a Photopass+ before?

Let me know your experiences of Photopass+ by leaving a comment below, or sending us a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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One thought on “PhotoPass+ : What is it all about?!

  1. I am glad you wrote this, I am still not sure if I will get one for my next trip the last two times I didn’t bother but I may this time. Plus your photos look amazing that you’ve got x


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