The Little Things I make…


Since I was little I have always loved crafting and making things, but since then I have finally invested in a large variety of knitting equipment and I am now starting on sewing!

I started by knitting Harry Potter inspired scarves!


These do take quite a while to make, around 2weeks, as they are really long in length and have quite of other bits to do… I love to make all the different houses, but Slytherin seems to be the most popular. I sell these for £15 +pp.


I then moved on to Disney inspired knits. These are some of my favourites to do, and I have so many different ideas.

I love making the Mickey hats! The pompoms can be made to any width, and the hats are so warm too! I sell these for £8 each.

The Mickey inspired scarf is something that I made. Unfortunately I forgot to take it with me on my last trip to DLP! It is one of my favourite things to wear. These are £15 each.

I love making Disney knits, and can do any theme/character or something inspired!

Other things I like to make are Slipper socks and phone cases! The slippers are so warm and comfy, I love walking round the house in these. I love the phone case too, as they are perfectly sized to fit my phone… I want to make a Disney inspired one but I will just have to wait. These are £5 each.

Now onto Sewing, my newest hobby.

I love making Minnie ears. I have been making my own for a few weeks now for my next trip to Disneyland Paris, but unfortunately I do not have enough days there to wear them all!  I want to start selling these at £8 each!

Another thing I have started today is making Pin holders that you wear on your wrist. I spotted these on the Great British Sewing Bee and I had to have one!

I love them because they are so useful, and they are really cute! These are £4 each!

Other than these crafts I love to Bake. Baking is probably my favourite thing because I can actually eat and enjoy what I have made.

Are you crafty?
What is your favourite thing to make?

Let us know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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