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The Happiness Tag!

Hi guys!

I was nominated last week by the lovely Mandy Jean to complete the Happiness Tag. I have had to have a bit of time off with moving and the lack of Wifi, but here it finally it is!
Make sure you check out Mandy’s post straight after reading!

So here is how the Happiness tag works…

1. Name 5 things that make you happy
2. Name 5 songs that make you happy
3. Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag

So, without further ado, here’s my answers!

5 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Disney Friends! 
I have made some amazing friends through Twitter, and I was so lucky to have the opportunity to meet some of them at the Disney Manchester Meetup! It was such an amazing day! Make sure you check out the upcoming post all about the day!

2. My Teddy Bears! I have such a vast collection of plushes, including a lot of Disney ones. I love them so much because I can always go and give them a cuddle when I am sad, or even when I am happy. I love them so much!

3. Crafting! There is nothing I enjoy more than spending my time crafting. I have always enjoyed cutting and sticking from an early age, and this has developed into making some Minnie Ears, and Knitting.

4. Family and friends! I only have a teeny tiny family, but what I do have is amazing. They are so supportive and loving, I don’t know what I would do without them. My close friends are also equally supportive and loving. I often find it difficult to speak to / make enough time to see them, but I know that if I ever needed them, they would be right there for me.

5. Ben! I know this is a soppy one, but it is true. He is the loveliest, kindest and most caring man I have ever met. I love him to pieces! Like any couple we have disagreements, but even then I can gaurantee that afrer a rubbish day he will be there ready to cheer me up.

5 Songs That Make Me Happy

1. “Eye To Eye” – Goofy Movie I love this song because it is one that Ben and I love to have a silly dance around to! It really cheers me up, and makes everything that bit better.

2. “Try Everything” – Shakira (Zootropolis) I love this song because it makes me feel like I can achieve anything! It is such a catchy song, and one that I have to listen to every morning.

3. “If I Lose Myself”- One Republic I love this song because it reminds me of holidays and the sunshine. It really cheers me up on a cloudy day.

4. “Lovelier Than You” – B.O.B. This is another song that reminds me of the sunshine and holidays! It reminds me of sitting by the pool and enjoying the sunshine.

5. “It’s A Small World” – Sherman Bros. My favourite Disney song of all time! It is one that I have to play when I am upset, because it can just change my mood in an instant. It may be really annoying to some, but for me, it’s magic.

So, that’s it for The Happiness Tag! I found it so difficult to actually name 5 songs, and 5 things that make me happy, because there is far too many!

I now nominate…


Amy! over at scarielsgrotto

Kim! over at teaisawishyourheartmakes

Helen! over at hrbx

Joanne! (when she finally gets round to setting up the Blog)

and Josh! over on Youtube at That Disney Dude


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