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Disney Manchester Meetup: July 9th 2016!


(L-R: Shannon, Kim, Rachel, Jade, Joey, Sammy, Nicola, Amy, Dawn, Helena or H (Guide Dog), Me, Ben, Josh, Chris and Helen)

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know how excited I was to finally meet all my Disney friends, old and new, at the #DisneyMancMu ! After so much planning, the day finally arrived, 9th July 2016…

The night before we had the best intentions to have an early night so we could wake up early, tidy up the house and get ready for the Disney Meetup in Manchester. However, as this is Ben and I, it did not happen as expected.

After snoozing our alarms for probably the 10th time, we finally woke up at about 8:30am. I started to panic, as I had to wash and curl my hair, decide on an outfit and all the rest of it. Ben, as per usual, was not at all bothered and decided to go back to sleep. So after I had a bath, and began getting ready for the day, I realised that we had nothing for breakfast and I had ran out of hairspray! PANIC STATIONS GUYS! Luckily, Ben was on hand and decided to venture out into the typical Manchester rainy weather, and pick up us both a McDonalds breakfast, and get some hairspray from the local Superdrug. (As I work for Boots, I felt awful about shopping there, but needs must!).

I had just finished my makeup, as Ben came back drenched. Lovingly with 2 Double Sausage and Egg McMuffins. As I am not fond of egg, he did the heroic deed of eating the egg for me. What a gent.

We brushed our teeth, and then left early to go to Primark before hand to make sure that I had a brolly for the day, as it was raining really hard.

We trudged to the bus stop, and waited for the good ol’ Magic Bus to take us into Manchester. The journey only takes about 10 minutes, so it was not really far for us. I was able to get some free Bus Wifi, and checkup on where everyone was, and where it would be best to meet everyone. Ben and I decided to meet people in the Arndale Centre, as it is nearer for us and I did not have to get as wet.

The bus stopped at Piccadilly Gardens, so it was not too far for us to run into Primark and grab an umbrella. I decided on a spotty blue one, which happened to match my favourite rain mac. Once we had paid it was time to head to the Arndale Centre to meet everyone. As we were early, I thought it would be a good idea to head to the Disney Store and have a look at the things I was going to buy. Even though I tried to resist buying anything, both Ben and I caved. We decided on buying 3 Tsum Tsums and 3 Disney Infinity figures (I’m going to post a picture at the end of everything we bought, so you can wait for that!). After having a chat with our favourite Cast Members, we headed over to Waterstones for Ben to have a browse at all the Graphic Novels, and show me which ones he wants. Luckily I checked my phone, and Josh had arrived outside the Disney Store!

He was the first person we met. As we were quite apprehensive to walk over to him (we thought it would be a bit strange two adults walking over to someone quite young and saying hey, are you Josh), but luckily he recognised us, and came straight over. We waited for about 10 minutes for everyone else, who was meeting at Piccadilly Train Station to arrive. After the other girls arrived, we were still waiting on Helen and Chris! Where were they!?! We all started chatting, whilst trying to keep our eyes peeled for them, eager to enter the Disney Store once again.

Finally the guys arrived, and it was time for us all to venture into the Disney Store. Luckily I had already purchased all of my items, so I just had another look round at all the Sale Items just to make sure there was nothing that I had missed. Luckily, I did notice a C3-PO glass and an Oswald Mug, which would be perfect for our new house. Even though I was initially reluctant to buy them, I decided why not, and headed to the cashier with Helen and Chris, just to make use of their Disneyland Paris Annual Pass discount. As the store was getting busier, we decided to wait outside for the rest of the group, and continue chatting. Ready to have our picture taken by one of the lovely Cast Members.

Once everyone had made their purchases, we headed off to the Northern Quarter. Our first point of call was Travelling Man. As this is mine and Bens local comic store, where we venture each week. It was a must on our visit to Manchester. We were warmly greeted by Paolo our ‘comic book specialist’ who kindly checked if my issue of Haunted Mansion had arrived in store. Unfortunately it had yet to arrive. So I had a walk around the store with Helen and Chris, and chatted about the upcoming ears, and designs Sophie at Makewearplay had created for me (These will be coming in a later post!). 

Once everyone had paid and finished in Travelling Man, it was time to cross the road and venture into Forbidden Planet. After trying to decide whether or not I really needed a Meeko POP! Figure, we all decided it was time to eat and have some food over in Pizza Hut!

Despite being previously aware that a group of 14 people would be eating there that day, Pizza Hut did have some difficulty trying to seat us all. The group was divided into 2 tables of 4, and a table of 6. This did make it quite difficult to actually talk to everyone. I was sat with Josh, Dawn and Ben. It was such a lovely table, even though Josh was adamant that he wanted to move and change the seating arrangement.

As I had a bit of Wifi, I decided to Snapchat some of the meal, to our lovely friends Deandre and Sophie… and made this video, in homage of a Music video Deandre made on his previous trip to Disneyland Paris.

You can check out DeAndres video HERE! 


Once we were all full from pizza, it was time to head over to Primark.  Unfortunately, Josh and Shannon had to leave us before we went into the hectic shop. As Manchester Primark is so big and busy, we managed to get separated from Jade, Rachel, Sammy and Nicola but they messaged us to say they had had a great day. Hopefully, this won’t happen on the next Manchester Meetup. In Primark I did buy some lovely Mickey shoes that I have wanted Primark to make for a long time! Once Ben, Amy and I had paid, it left Dawn, Chris, Helen, Joanne, Kim, Ben and myself to head back to the Arndale and have another look around the Disney Store.

Before reaching the Disney Store, Dawn realised she needed to go, as it would take her 2 hours to get home. We said our goodbyes to her and her guide dog Helena, as Ben took her to Picaddilly Train Station and made sure she was okay. (See he is a Gent!)

Whilst waiting for Ben to return we headed to the Disney Store and decided to make another homage video for DeAndre. I thought it would be a better idea for us all to get in Chris’ car and travel around Manchester, but the guys said no! Despite this, I think our video was brilliant!

After we had embarassed ourselves enough we decided to have a trip to Clinton Cards and have a look for Tsum Tsums. Whilst we were having a look around, our lovely and very helpful friend Kim, ended up knocking over a display of sweets. As we are such lovely friends we left her and ran off laughing. Chris did try to vlog the accident, but as it was too funny, and Kim was mortified we ran out of the shop laughing.

As the Lego Store is right next door, we ran in there on the hunt for Disney Mini Figs for Helen and Chris. Unfortunately they had sold out. So back off to Waterstones we went. They had sold out too! We then tried The Entertainer, they were sold out! So our last try was WHSmiths. Luckily they had some behind the counter.

As I had managed to collect all of the characters, and was able to feel the difference of characters in the packets, Chris decided it would be a good idea for me to stand at the counter and feel all of the packets to try and get them a full set. Even though it took a good 20 minutes, and a lot of missed calls from Ben. I was able to get the majority of the collection for them, with no duplicates! I was so proud of myself. As my fingers were beginning to hurt, and it was getting late, we decided on having one last group photo, and heading home.


We said our goodbyes to Helen and Chris, and headed back. As Ben and I were getting the bus back from Piccadilly Gardens we were able to say another goodbye to Joanne, Amy and Kim. We all decided that December was too far away for us all not to meetup again, and agreed that it needed to be sooner.

Ben and I ran over to the Magic Bus and headed home, with all our goodies in hand. After the short walk back to the house, in the usual Manchester rain. We sat down and agreed that it was such a lovely day, and now we cannot wait for the Meetup in December!


New signature

P.S… This is all the stuff we bought!

Cm8c_DiWcAA2uEV (1).jpg



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