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What’s in my pin bag ?! – Part 1

Hi Guys!

After a brief Twitter Poll, I have finally started on my ‘weekly’ What’s in my pin bag? As I have quite a lot of pins, I thought that doing a separate post for each bag would be better. So what better way than starting with my first Pin Bag, my Nightmare Before Christmas (TNBC) Pin Bag!

This pin bag is from California. It is quite old as I have had it since 2004 ish…. It is quite a small bag, which is why I had to purchase a few more, but it is great for storing all my TNBC pins!

Starting with the first page is my The Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmation section. I believe that I am still missing some of the pins from this collection, but as there are so many fakes out and about, I can’t seem to find a real one for sale.

Moving onto the next page. (L-R)
An anniversary pin for the 10th anniversary of release of the film. This headstone style pin, is actually from a collection. These are able to be fitted and displayed on a tombstone card, which I have put somewhere very safe and cannot be found.
The head shaped Jack pins in the middle are from the first booster lanyard TNBC Set Disneyland Paris ever released. They are such lovely pins, and the facial expressions are perfect. I love these.
The last pin on this page is another LE 10th anniversary pin. This is one from city hall and displays quite a lot of the characters. I think that this is one of my favourite pins, purely because I love the scene.

Now onto the Jack page! (L-R)

The dangle jack pin, is one of the first pins that I ever bought. It was one from the Disney Store, in the good ol’ days where you could go into the store and buy pins! Next are two Disneyland Paris LE pins. I love these pins as they both feature jack on his own. The one on the left is my favourite as this is the first Disneyland Paris pin to actually feature Jack Skellington!
The pin on the far right is another Jack pin, but this time from a booster set, from I think WDW.
Below these pins are two more from Disneyland Paris. The first is an open edition Jack Skellington Pin. The one on the right is from the Pin Trading Night. Luckily one of my pin friends was able to get this for me! It glows in the dark too!


This is probably a random pin page. (L-R)

I love this Sally pin as it is similar to one of the jack pins from Disneyland Paris. I think that this is one of my favourites.
The mayor pin, is actually a spinner. His heads moves from happy to sad! But as I prefer the happy face, he is always happy.
The Dr Finklestein pin is another from the same set as Jack and Sally. I’m not too bothered by it as he is not one of my favourite characters, but I love keeping things as a set.
Finally, for this page, is the wreath. I love this pin, but I am not sure about sallys face…

All these pins on this page are from Disneyland Paris. The oval pins are all from a booster set, which I bought on my last trip. The multicoloured pin is not one of my favourites, but as it is Jack, I had to have it.

The my last two pins in this section are Jack and Sally. My lovely boyfriend Ben bought me these on our last trip to Disneyland Paris. I love the style of these pins, and they are beautiful just in black and white… 

So until I buy some more TNBC Pins. This is what is currently in my TNBC Pin Bag!

Do you have any TNBC pins or any pins at all!?


Leave a comment below or send me a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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