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Guardians of The Galaxy are coming to Disneyland California Adventure!

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After many months of rumors and speculation, this morning it was finally announced that the iconic Tower of Terror at Disneyland California Adventure would be ‘re-imagined’ with a new Guardians of the Galaxy theme.

Like many Disney fans, I am extremely disappointed with this news. As this is one of the most iconic Disney rides I cannot understand why it is being changed. Currently, the Guardians of the Galaxy are Marvels weakest franchise, which is another reason I am questioning why this re-imagining is happening. Yes I would understand if they wanted to bring in the Avengers, but Guardians?!

Another problem with this attraction, is that whenever someone will look at the building. Automatically people will think of ‘oh Tower of Terror’. There is no real change to the exterior building at all. It does not look like a warehouse at all, but more like a hotel. Oh wait, that’s what it is meant to be.

Besides, the story of the Collector… WHAT?! it seems like a pointless story… I just do not understand it. The only good thing I can think of coming from this, is that there may be a Howard the Duck, but seeing as it’s Disney I highly doubt it.

I am most disappointed in the lack of imagineering that appears to be taking place at Disney. Once again, Disney Imaginears are changing attractions, rather than making new buildings *cough* Malestrom *cough* and new stories that do not revolve around exciting movies *cough* Frozen *cough*. Seriously Disney sort yourselves out and bring us something NEW! rather than taking away beloved and iconic attractions.

Overall, words cannot begin to describe how upset I am, despite never having visited California, at this news. I do love Marvel, but I think Disney really need to consider what they are doing. I feel that at the minute they are trying to optimise from what is currently popular, rather than thinking ahead.

I just really hope that this attraction will not come to Disneyland Paris, as I believe that in a few years time Disney will regret its decision to change such a beloved attraction.

What do you think about the news of Guardians of the Galaxy coming to California Adventure?

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One thought on “Guardians of The Galaxy are coming to Disneyland California Adventure!

  1. I felt exactly the same as you when I first heard the news. I absolutely loved Guardians, but the Tower is such an iconic ride, I can’t imagine it not being there. Disney do need to start finding ways of building new attractions, instead of losing the old favourites.


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