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My Top 5: Walt Disney Classic Films!

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Hey Guys!
After having a long conversation with Ben about our favourite Walt Disney Classic films, I realised how difficult it actually is for me to decide which ones I really love. As my Top 5 often changes, I thought about which are my all time favourite films, and which ones I enjoy the most. So I hope you enjoy reading my Top 5: Walt Disney Classic Film!

5. Lilo and Stitch!


Since the release of Lilo and Stitch back in 2002, it has been one of my favourites. I absolutely love Stitch, as he is so cute and fluffy, and his relationship with Lilo. I find Lilo to be a very relatable character too. Both the story and animation are equally fantastic making it an amazing film that you can watch over and over again.

4. Alice in Wonderland.


This has always been one of my favourite films, and one that I find myself watching time after time. Despite having so many remakes, the original Disney classic will always be my favourite. The characters in this film are most representative of the characters in the books, and the music is so catchy! I also adore the artwork, as it was originally created by one of my favourite artists, Mary Blair. It’s just fantastic overall!

3. Princess and The Frog.


I remember going seeing Princess and The Frog in cinemas back in 2009. Since then, it has been one of my favourite films, with each aspect of the film being in my opinion perfect. The characters are such fun, with Tiana being a perfect Princess, and Dr. Facilier (The Shadow Man) being one of my favourite villains. The musical score of the film is really catchy, and great to sing along to… exactly the kind of music Disney is renowned for.

2. Beauty and The Beast.


This is the Disney movie of my childhood, and the one film that features in most of my Disney memories. The Beast has always been my favourite character, and as I have so many plush versions, POP! Vinyl figures and everything else, I absolutely adore him. Overall, it has been my favourite Disney film until now…

1. Zootropolis.


Despite being the newest Disney Classic film, it is one that has surely become my favourite. It is one story that I really relate to, as Judy Hopps never gives up and continues on, which is a reason why she has become my favourite Disney Character. You can read why I think we should all aspire to be a bit more like Judy Hopps HERE!HERE!

Overall, it is a Disney Classic that should not be overlooked too easily. As I believe it is the beginning of a new era of Disney movies, that I am eagerly awaiting for.


Thankyou for reading my Top 5: Walt Disney Classics.
What are your Top 5 films? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x

Until next time…


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