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MCM Manchester Comic Con: 30th July 2016!


After months of planning, today was the day. My third, and Bens second, Manchester Comic Con! I adore visiting comic con, but today was the first time Ben and I went in Cosplay, and had a fair few people to meet up with… So this is what happened!

It was a very very early start at 6am!. Even though we had pre-bought Priority tickets, we wanted to arrive bright and early for the 9am opening and be one of the first in the queue. But as the alarm went, it was time to roll over and press snooze. 15 minutes later, it was really time to get up, hair washed and make up on. Luckily I had sorted everything the night before, so that saved a lot of time and stress, running around trying to find dresses and everything else.

After having breakfast, which was a bowl of frosties. It was time to leave. Before that I had a little crisis of trying to decide which plush to take with me. It was either Cheshire Cat or White Rabbit. Despite having numerous Twitter Quizzes and everything else, I decided on taking my lovely Cheshire Cat with me, as he seemed to be easier to carry and make my outfit brighter. I felt so nervous about actually wearing cosplay, I did feel more secure taking a well loved plush, and wearing my trusty spotty rain jacket over the top. Then it was time to set off to Manchester Central Complex (MCC ready for Comic Con.

After a short walk to Manchester, we arrived at MCC at approximately 8:20am. Even though we could not enter the venue until 9am, there were plenty of people already there and queuing to enter. There were already people dressed in amazing Cosplays from all different genres. I started to feel more confident, so I was able to take off my spotty rain coat and show off my Cosplay of Alice In Wonderland. Luckily the rain held off for 40 minutes until we entered the venue.

Upon entering, we were given free bags filled with goodies. It was already quite busy even though we were one of the first to enter. During this time it was fantastic, we were able to leisurely walk through all the areas without having to be pushed and shoved in all different directions. Both Ben and I made the majority of our purchases during this time (I am going to do another post of everything we bought). 


We finally found the Travelling Man Stall, where we were able to have a little chat with our comic book specialist Paolo. It was great to have a little chat and catch up with him. Unfortunately he was quite busy finishing setting up, so we moved on.

As we moved around the venue, both Ben and I were surprised at how many people actually approached us and asked for pictures of/with us. As this was a cosplay that I wasn’t 100% happy with, I was really surprised that so many people would want a picture with ME! It was crazy… I know it sounds really big-headed and obnoxious, but as someone who is quite shy and as a first time cosplayer, this was a major thing for me. Despite this, I had to ask quite a few pictures of people who were dressed in Disney Zootopia/Zootropolis Cosplay, as they were all amazing and obviously it is my favourite film. Oh and I got a picture with Pikachu, because if you can’t play Pokemon Go! have a picture with an original character!

We were also lucky enough to bump into Rachel (@rachellankester) who I had met before at the Manchester Meetup! It took me a minute to actually realise it was her, as she was doing an amazing cosplay of Hermione Granger.
As both Ben and I were getting a bit hungry, we decided to pop out to Sainsburys and buy some dinner, because who really would pay £4 for chips and gravy?! Luckily when we came back inside we were able to meet up with a couple of other friends, Tag and Jaz. It was lovely having a bit of a sit down and a chat with them, and then a walk around looking at other bits. As it was once again getting a bit busier, and Tag and Jaz were getting hungry we headed our separate ways.

13872653_1192871844106673_5571120275574886927_n (1)

We said our goodbyes for now, and Ben and I headed off to the ‘arty bit’ of Comic Con, where we got an ‘Alice Harley Quinn’ comic book drawn for us, and I was drawn as my spirit animal, a Sloth! Whilst waiting for the Harley Quinn comic to be drawn we had another walk round, and decided to have a bit of a sit down and people watch. Whilst we were sat down, Ben bumped into one of his old friends and we had a little chat with him for a while about the con.

13879406_1192871867440004_7928541508082477726_n (1)

By 5:30 we were still waiting for our Harley Quinn comic to be drawn, so we had a lovely chat with the artist. It was great as we were able to tell him which Harley we liked, and get it a personalised piece. It was great to watch him draw, and just to have a chat about comics and everything else. As it approached 6pm, there were numerous announcements saying the con was closing. So really it was lucky that we were able to get our picture done!


Overall, it was a fantastic day. It was lovely to spend time with friends, both old and new, and meet new people. I do think that I will cosplay in the future as I had such a fantastic response from everyone on Twitter and at MCM Manchester today. I cannot wait to do it all again next year!



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