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Disneyland Paris Pins: August 2016 Releases!

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Hey Guys! It has been a while since I have done a post of my opinions of the latest releases from Disneyland Paris, I will try and keep up to date doing them, so stay tuned each month!

Saturday 6th August.

I am quite unsure as to why they are selling Christmas Pins before Halloween, but they are such a lovely set of pins. I actually think that I may buy the Stitch Christmas pin on my next trip to Disneyland Paris, as I am an avid Stitch Collector. I do think that for 7,99 Euro it is actually quite a good price for this type of pin. The Booster Christmas set is also lovely, it may be one that I buy. However, the Descendents pin is definitely not for me, and not one that I will buy.

Saturday 13th August.

Another pin for the Disney Villains collection. I have seen a concept pin for this, and I really do think that it looks beautiful. It may be that in October I will pick one up if they have any left, as I love the little crocodile in the frame.

Saturday 20th August.

Following on for the My Dog Series, this month features Lady. I know that these pins are a really good size, but as I do not really collect Lady and The Tramp pins, this is one that I will probably pass on.

Saturday 27th August.

I really love the Frozen Snowflake pin. Even though it does look like a generic pin and does not really look very Disney, it may be one that I buy on impulse on my next trip dependent on size and quality.
The Cinderella Dangle pin, seems to be quite a generic pin, similar to the Frozen Snowflake. It is a pretty pin, but it is one that I will probably pass on, purely because it is a bit boring to me. The Minnie in The Love Heart Pin, maybe one that I do buy. I love minnie pins, especially when she is on her own, but I am not sure on how her face looks in this pin. I think it is one that I will have to see to actually decide on if I want it.

Overall, this month there are no real pins that I really want. Although there are some lovely pins, I think that I will save my money and wait and see what Disneyland Paris bring out in September.

Are there any pins that you really want to get your hands on?

Let me know by leaving a comment, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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