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Countdown To The Magic: Meal Reservations!

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Hi Guys!

It is under 60 days until my next Disneyland Paris Trip, so that means I can book my Disney Dining Reservations. You can do this by ringing the Dining Reservations number, which is on the website, or just ask Google for the number. You can also book whilst you are at Disneyland Paris, but I prefer to do it before I go to avoid disappointment.
After visiting Disneyland Paris before I already have a few favourite restaurants in the resort, but if you read my post about my Disneyland Paris Bucket List you will know there are so many more places I want to try. Additionally, as this will be my first trip with the added Half Board Vouchers I have decided that I really need to be more decisive and plan my meals. Especially as this is a Birthday trip, I hope to have a magical visit.

So onto the booking…

Months before I was able to book, I decided to have a rough plan of places that I would like to eat. From this, I was able to think of which restaurants would suite my budget and which would accept the Half Meal Vouchers (I found all this information Online).
Then I tried to roughly plan my day around meal times, and see what I would be able to do on each day, as there is no official plan for the Halloween Season just yet I had use information from the previous year.

From this I was able to roughly decide at what times I would like to book my restaurants for….

(A few months later!!!)

I rang up the Disneyland Paris Dining Reservation line. This was 60 days exactly from when I would like to visit.

I decided that I would like to book Café Mickey on the first full day of our visit. As they could not offer me a tea time option, we decided to go for the first seating at 12:30pm. I ensured with the Cast Member on the phone that the characters would be there, as I have seen a lot of rumours and speculation online…

The next restaurant I decided to book was Bistrot Chez Remy. As this is my favourite restaurant I wanted a later sitting, so around 5pm. Unfortunately, the Gentleman on the phone said that they were only able to offer me another Lunch sitting. So really I was a bit disappointed with that. However, I will be there for my birthday so that is all that matters.

We then decided to book a buffet restaurant, which is Plaza Gardens. I have heard lots of great reviews about this restaurant so thought it was worth a try. I visited a long time ago, when you used to have characters and there would be lots of cake and treats. It was great if you liked Cake (which I don’t)….

This has left us with a few gaps in our dining, which we are able to use for wherever we would like. I think that this is better for us, as we are able to eat somewhere we really want to, rather than feeling stuck. Lets just hope it all works out.

Have you used the Disneyland Paris Dining Reservation System and where are your favourite places to eat in the resort?
Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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2 thoughts on “Countdown To The Magic: Meal Reservations!

  1. I would love to do the princess meal one day I am a picky eater though so I will have to see have you eaten there before.


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