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Disneyland Paris Pins: September 2016!

Hey Guys!

This is probably the first month I have been so excited to see what pins Disneyland Paris are releasing, as I will be visiting the park later this month. So here is what is being released this month…


Saturday 3rd September

I do quite like this Tinkerbell pin, but once again it is very christmassy. I find that Disneyland Paris have been focusing very much on the Christmas season and avoiding Halloween, which for me is very disappointing.

Saturday 10th September

TWO Limited Edition Pins being released. Both the Mulan pin, from the My Dog series and Dr. Facilier. I have to admit that the Dr. Facilier pin may be entering my collection if he is still available on my trip in September, but other than that I do not think I will bother with Mulan, or the lanyard piece.

Saturday 17th September

I was very surprised that they have released a Mary Poppins pin in September, for Autumn, as they usually associate Mary with Spring. Once again this is a pin that I doubt I will be buying.

Saturday 24th September

Okay… who is this girl… On that note, I will not be buying this pin, unless I am desperate for traders.

Run Disney

Now here are some beautiful pins. I adore that they have made pins to represent each medal, it is such a fabulous idea. I also really love that they have made the logo into a pin too. Eventhough I am not competing in Run Disney, I really would love that Ratatouille pin for my collection.

Pin Trading Day

I am gutted that I cannot make this event. However, I am hoping and crossing my toes that there will still be some pins from this event left over so I can get a couple on my trip. Otherwise, there is always ebay.


What pins will you be buying this month?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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