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Top 5: Disneyland Paris Shops.

Hey Guys!

It is not long until my next Disneyland Paris Trip, so I thought I would do another Disneyland Paris Top 5! I love doing these posts, as they get me more and more excited to visit the park, and some of my favourite places in the resort! So here we go!!!!

5. Walt Disney Studios Store!


This is my favourite shop in the Walt Disney Studios. It always seems to have a lot of stock inside, with plenty to look at and buy. This store was our favourite in January, as it was always plentiful in sale items. Eventhough it is number 5 on my list, if you can only visit one store in the studios I would definitely recommend just visiting this one!


4. La Girafe Curieuse!



Since being very young, this has always been one of my favourite shops in Disneyland Paris. I am not sure why, but I just love it. I think its because I find it to be one of the best themed stores in the park, and in Adventureland. It is also a great store for finding odd little pieces, and lovely bags, that you cannot seem to find anywhere else in the resort.


3. Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building!


Once again this is a brilliant shop. It is so vast, with so much stock it is brilliant. I love how it is mainly a Nightmare Before Christmas Shop, and has such a great amount of pins, that is perfect for everything that I need. I also love how many different plushes they have, it’s a brilliant all round shop.


2. World Of Disney!


The newest store in Disneyland Paris, and definitely one of the best. Admittedly I was very dubious when the store was announced, but after visiting a few times I realised that it was something that Disneyland Paris, especially the Disney Village needed. World of Disney has such a vast amount of products that you are able to do 99.9% of your holiday shopping just in there! It is fantastic!!



1.  Harringtons Fine China and Porcelains!


Now for the number 1! Harringtons is definitely the best store in Disneyland Paris. Home of all things sparkly and pin badges. It is the store that I like to visit first, and the one I always visit last. As it is also home of the beloved pin trading board, it is somewhere that I can spend my time in whilst waiting for Dreams!. Eventhough some of its products are on the more expensive side, it is definitely worth a visit.



What are your favourite shops in Disneyland Paris?

Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x



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