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Countdown to the Magic: Zootopia / Zootropolis Mickey Ears!

Hi Guys!

It is getting ever nearer to our Disneyland Paris trip, and I just wanted to share with you some beautiful ears that my lovely friend Sophie (@makewearplay) made for me. Sophie is such an amazing artist and I am so thankful for her making these ears.

I initially asked Sophie quite a while ago if she would kindly make me some ears, and luckily she said yes. I gave her my theme idea of Zootopia/Zootropolis, which happens to be one of my favourite themes, and just said that I would like to have Nick and Judy featured on the ears.


She was so lovely enough to provide me with a few different sketches so that I would be able to decide which ones I preferred, and asked if I would like a bow or any other features on my ears. I decided to choose Nick and Judy on one side, and the Police badge and lollypop on the other, as these I felt represented my characters perfectly. I also said to her that I was not sure at the moment if I wanted a bow, as I was a bit scared that it would cover up some of their faces.


After lots more discussion, and a few more update pictures. I finally received my ears. They are perfect, and better than I could ever imagine. I am so thankful for her making these ears, and I cannot wait to wear them on my next Disneyland Paris holiday, with my Zootopia/Zootropolis skirt!



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