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RUMOUR: Five Guys is coming to Disneyland Paris!

Hey Guys!

Yesterday a new rumour emerged surrounding Disneyland Paris. This time with a new restaurant franchise coming to the Disney Village at Disneyland Paris by the end of the year. As I have yet to visit a Five Guys establishment, I have no clear excitement on its introduction. However, I do have a few concerns with the introduction of a well known fast food burger establishment.

1. What will happen to Annettes?

Annettes Diner is probably my favourite restaurant in all of Disneyland Paris, at the moment. Yes it is always good to have some competition, but if people started to choose to visit a regular five guys instead, surely that restaurant would end up closing… then that would be the end of an iconic restaurant.

2. Surely there are too many restuarants?

I feel that even though it is important to introduce lots of restaurants for guests, surely with the introduction of another restaurant at Disney Village is a bit too much. There are already plenty of restaurant choices, so why not introduce something different…

Overall, I am not too bothered about the introduction of Five Guys, but maybe that would change if I were to visit one of its restaurants. However, in terms of any Disney rumour, you just have to wait and see if it is a true one…


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2 thoughts on “RUMOUR: Five Guys is coming to Disneyland Paris!

  1. I LOVE Annettes ! They do an amazing veggie burger which is top notch! I personally have never been to five guys as they only offer a sandwich for veggies/vegans (not impressed) I don’t think the village needs anymore food places there are loads to already pick from. I would be happier with a nice dessert bar with ice creams/sorbets, cookies, cakes etc (props cos I have a sweet tooth haha)

    I’ve just done a post on what I bought recently at DLP 🙂 http://www.hayleyloves.uk


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