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Post Disney Depression: What is the Cure?

Have you ever had a feeling of real sadness and depression after coming back from a Disney holiday? It’s called Post Disney Depression (P.D.D). Post Disney Depression is a condition suffered by Disney Park fans after coming home from a Disney holiday. It feels like something is missing, nothing is exciting and every few minutes you want to go back to your real home.

I am currently fighting P.D.D, and I thought I would share with you guys how I like to battle this awful condition.

1. Listen to Disney Music!

This is something that I do a lot anyway, as I find that it helps me to feel a bit better about general life. However, when I come back from a Disney holiday I like to listen to the music from the parks to help me relive some of the wonderful memories. Besides music does help to cleanse the soul…

2. What some Disney films!

Another thing that I usually do when I am a bit fed up is to watch Disney movies. However, this time I like to watch any Disney film that has a character that I have met, or something that relates to my previous trip. Once again, helping me to relive all those wonderful memories.

3. Look through your photographs!

I particularly enjoy doing this on my journey back. It helps me look through all the magical and wonderful things I have done. It also helps me to decide which pictures I really want to get printed off and share with all my family and friends.

4. It’s okay to cry and be emotional.

Crying is natural. Just don’t cry too much. Let all of those emotions out. Going on a Disney holiday is so emotional, tiring and enduring, you are bound to have a lot of pent up emotions. So go on, let them out!

5. Book another Disney holiday!

My main top tip! What is the best cure for P.D.D, book another holiday… then you can let the cycle begin again!


Have you ever suffered from P.D.D? What are your cures? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on Twitter @ejh92x

p.s. Don’t forget to check back for upcoming blog posts about my last trip to Disneyland Paris, and a few new treats coming this way!


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