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Disneyland Paris Haul: September-October 2016!

Hey Guys!

As promised, here is a quick post of everything that I bought when I visited Disneyland Paris. This post does not include anything that I bought for other people as gifts, or what Ben has bought. I am also not posting this to show off, or make people jealous. So here goes…



The first thing that I bought when I entered the park were pins. I love buying pins so getting them at Disneyland Paris is even better. Here are the Nightmare Before Christmas Pins that I bought…


I was also lucky enough to be visiting Disneyland Paris when a pin was released, this time it was the My Dog series but with Up and Dug. Dug was quite a big part of our holiday, so obviously I had to buy some! These are the limited edition pins I bought whilst I was there… 14492367_1253451798048677_8478961808646996520_n

I was also able to pick up a few Open Edition pins too!


The pricing of all these pins are variable, ranging from 6,99 euros to 16 euros.

To carry on the halloween theme, I was able to pick up a Jack Skellington hat, which I think was around 20 euros. I’m not certain about the price as I binned the price ticket straight after, just so that I could wear it.


This holiday, I also bought quite a lot of scarves. If any of you know me in real life, you will know that every where I go, I always wear a scarf. So buying more was only obvious! I decided to buy this wooly mickey one, as it was very cold. I think it was about 25-30 euros, but once again, I cut off the price tag as soon as I bought it, so that I could wear it.


I also bought this Jack Skellington scarf, on impulse at 24,99 euro…


and this pink princess scarf at 19,99 euro…


I also picked up this note pad for 7,99 euros, just so I could jot things down and remember the holiday.


And obviously a pencil with one of my favourite characters on at 4,99 euros.


I bought a lovely Disney Traditions figurine of Aurora after an amazing meet with her. This was one of the most expensive things I bought at 45,00 euro but I love it!


Most importantly to save all my Disney memories, I bought this lovely photo album at 16,99 euro with some postcards to pop in it for 3,99 euro.



This holiday I did get a lot of plushes. I bought two Tsum Tsums for my collection, Duffy and Shellie May both at 5,99 euros.


I also got a variety of full size plushes. These all ranged in price, around 20-30 euro. I did however get Dug as a lovely gift from Disneyland Paris, and Nemo in an offer at 10 euro.


I also managed to get this lovely bag on offer at 15 euros.


I had to share with you this beautiful necklace I got of minnie mouse. Unfortunatly the first necklace I got broke, so I had to exchange it for this one! I don’t know exactly how much it cost as it was a present.


One of my favourite items is this little remy. He was about 5 euros, and he means a lot to me as all of my family got one after we ate at Bistrot Chez Remy on my birthday. So this little guy is probably one of my favourite items from the holiday.


Thankyou for reading! I hope you enjoyed looking at everything I got, I can’t wait to share with you all what happened on my holiday… coming soon!


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