Disneyland Paris: September-October 2016 (DAY 1)

Hey Guys!

I have been back from Disneyland Paris just over a week now, I thought it was about time that I shared with you what happened. So here goes…

After having only a few hours sleep I awoke at 11pm on the 28th September 2016 ready for my Disney Birthday adventure. I decided that it would be a good idea to stay at my mums the night before, as on our previous trip to Disneyland Ben and I were so excited we did an all nighter. Not particularly brilliant if you have a long journey ahead. So I decided that it would be better for us to stay apart. I slowly got ready whilst watching Cinderella, which happened to be on Sky Movies Disney, ensuring that I had everything packed in my hand luggage. I said a tearful good bye to my mum and Shaun and headed off to Manchester, where Ben was ready and waiting for me.

Arriving in Manchester, Ben was already waiting for me. We packed up the car and off we headed to the airport. We arrived at the airport carpark, at approximately 1:30am. We were really early, but we did not mind we were on our way to Disney! We unpacked the car and headed to the bus stop. Luckily, we did not have to stand in the cold too long, as a bus to the airport arrived! We arrived at the airport very early, so decided to sit downstairs and play a few games of Batman Love Letter. It helped pass the time, but as I am an anxious flyer it did not help my nerves too much. As it got closer to check in time, we headed upstairs to departures, ready to look for our check in… but our number was not there. No members of staff were there to help us. It was awful. We were running frantically from pillar to post trying to find out what had happened to our flight, and what was happening. We were told to go to a self-checkin machine, luckily our boarding passes had printed off, but we could not send off our luggage because the machine would not work. It was a disaster. My anxiety began to grow. I was nearly in tears. It was awful. Thankfully, a lovely lady on the check out realised that I was very stressed and upset, so we managed to go to the front of the queue and she processed our bags manually. Thankfully, the security situation was very easy, and we headed off to wait for our flight. To cut quite a long story short, we had a lovely flight, but had some really loud and obnoxious people sat behind us on the plane… luckily Ben snored really loudly and shut them up. It was quite hilarious at6 am in the morning!

We landed earlier than expected, which meant that we would arrive at Disneyland Paris earlier than I had anticipated! We hopped onto the Magical Shuttle ready for our real adventure to begin.


After what felt like a lifetime, we arrived at the Hotel Santa Fe. I was quite disappointed with the state of the Cars sign that welcomed us, the ever so beautiful colours were all faded and lost. After a stressful push and shove from the coach, we managed to get our luggage and head inside. Carrying an abundance of items is not easy, never mind trying to fill in another form from Disney, sorry Disney but I do not really understand why I need to fill in another form…. Anyway, our room was not ready, so we had to push over our suitcase to one side of the floor and get enough things ready for the park. I had anticipated that this would happen, so luckily I had packed everything we would need at the top of the case *handy hint*, it made everything a bit easier.

Whilst making my booking I had ordered a photopass, so it was time for me to head into the shop and get it working… or would it work. I initially had issues with the photopass as it would not connect to my account. After much translation and confusion with cast members we were told to come back tomorrow if it did not connect… so off we headed to the park, with a photopass that may not work, and a big bag of bits.

After planning on the plane, I decided that our first stop would be to visit Winnie The Pooh! He was so lovely and soft. I definitely made the right decision to meet him first!


Then off to my first ride of the holiday, on my beloved it’s a small world! We then headed over to meet Mad Hatter and White Rabbit. I was a bit upset that Alice had gone in by the time we arrived, but the Mad Hatter definitely made up for that. I think meeting him was one of my favourite experiences of the holiday! He was wonderful!


We then went on a few more rides,and headed back to the hotel to get our cases and room sorted, ready to head back for the parade, our tea at Plaza Gardens and Dreams!

We headed back, and luckily we managed to catch the parade in one of my favourite spots in Fantasyland. The parade definitely did not disappoint, and I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful picture of Mickey Mouse. It is definitely one of my favourite pictures from the holiday!


After the parade it was time to look around the shops until it was our time to head to Plaza Gardens for tea. I will be writing a review or Plaza Gardens later on. It is safe to say though, it was the worst meal that I have had at Disneyland Paris for a long long time. Despite this, I was thankful to be at Disneyland Paris, and was having one of the best times ever in the park. We headed off to look around the shops a bit more and wait for Dreams!

Despite having a very rude family try and push us to the side, we had a lovely view of the castle right at the front. It was beautiful. I managed to achieve one thing off my Disneyland Bucket List, as I was one of the last people on Main Street. It was fantastic to see the park so empty. I wasn’t able to get a brilliant picture, like so many others, just being there was magical enough for me.

It was time to head back to the Hotel Santa Fe, for some sleep and to do it all again tomorrow!!


CYA LATER for PART 2!!! Coming 20.10.16!

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