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Disneyland Paris. September 29th – October 3rd 2016: DAY 2!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the delay, but here is a quick run down of my second day at Disneyland Paris!

As usual, we awoke really early and headed off for the first breakfast of the holiday at the Hotel Santa Fe. I enjoy being one of the first people in, as I really hate the busy crowds at breakfast time, so when we arrived we were able to walk straight in and get our food. It was really peaceful as we were the only ones in! Once we had eaten, we headed off to the parks ready for Extra Magic Hours!

Extra Magic Hours are probably my favourite time of the day. I love being able to get on rides really quickly, and to meet lots of different characters. It’s fantastic and something I would definitely recommend.

That morning, we were able to meet Mickey and Minnie together, Chip and Dale, and Donald. I loved the Mickey and Minnie meet, as they began playing with my Minnie Scarf I was wearing, and they loved my Mickey and Minnie Skirt. After all the fantastic meets that morning, we headed off for a couple of rides on Peter Pan, and Buzz Lightyear. By that time the park was nearly opening and it was time to meet Tiana and Naveen, then headed off to finally meet Alice.


We headed off to meet Tiana and Naveen, one of my favourite Disney princesses. It was such a lovely meet, and once again Tiana and Naveen were perfect. I was so lucky to meet them on their final day.


After meeting Tiana and Naveen it was time to head over to meet Alice. Unfortunately, it was not Alice once again, but instead the Queen of Hearts. Despite being a little disappointed that it was not Alice, I was able to meet myself. ‘Ben calls me Queenie’  


As we had quite a lot of time to wait until we headed off for Cafe Mickey, we had a quick ride on Pirates of The Caribbean, and It’s a Small World. Ben seemed to be very on edge, and as I like being early for meal reservations, he was being very slow. Which honestly, really annoyed me. So with much persistence from him, we headed off to Cafe Mickey! I was so excited to finally visit this restaurant, after so many years of visiting and never actually trying it. The slow walk through the Disney Village, and a bit of a look in World of Disney, resulted in us being only a couple of minutes early to Cafe Mickey and it really set off my anxiety, as I had heard that you needed to be really early for your reservation. As Ben was telling the lady our reservation, I felt a tap on my back. I turned around and there stood my Mum and Step Dad. I could not believe they were here! I was so filled with emotions, I could not imagine my mum being with me for my birthday.

Words still cannot describe how emotional I felt at that moment, I just cried and cried. We were seated by a lovely waitress, and given our bowl of bread. I honestly, cannot remember looking at the menu, or much of that meal, except that I know it was perfect. I remember having lots of hugs off the characters, Mickey, Genie, Goofy, Minnie, Tigger, Gepetto and Rabbit! I remember only eating half of my burger and a full dessert, because I was so excited and emotional. It was perfect! The character interaction was amazing, with Goofy taking a bit too much of a liking to my Mum. It was fantastic! I would definitely recommend anyone going to Cafe Mickey before the characters leave, as it is well worth the money.

Once we had eaten, it was time to head off to the Walt Disney Studios to watch Mickey and The Magician. On the way into the studios we bummed into Mary Poppins and Bert! Once again it was a fantastic meet, despite Ben not actually knowing who Bert is! How can anyone not know who Bert is, or have never seen Mary Poppins?


As we were too early for the showing of Mickey and The Magician we had a quick ride on the Magic Carpets. I was still in awe that my Mum and Step Dad were in Disney, I could not believe how lucky I was, everything felt like a dream.

Whilst waiting for Mickey and The Magician, all my emotions were released and I had a little cry. We got amazing seats for the show, and wow all I can say is that show blew me away. I really regret not going seeing it more than once. It was perfect. After the show, my Mum needed to go back to their Hotel, The Hotel New York, to go and get changed and sort out their luggage. So Ben and I decided we would go on Ratatouille and then head off to the other park to watch the parade.

Ratatouille is one of my favourite rides, so it was something that I need to do every time I visit the studios. After our little encounter with the mouse, and looking through the window into Bistrot Chez Remy we headed back to Disneyland Park ready for the parade.

We took up our usual position near It’s a Small World, but due to some inconsiderate smokers we decided to move. Luckily, we were able to get a lovely position for the parade, and were ready.

After having a little dance along with the parade, it was time to for a ride on my favourite It’s a Small World, and then onto Pirates and then to Phantom Manor. As the park was getting quite busy, and it was raining we decided to do a bit of shopping and head off to the Hotel New York.

We were lucky enough that my Mums Suite overlooked the castle so we were able to watch Dreams! inside, and enjoy a nice cold coke. It was fantastic! As we were all getting very tired it was time for us to head off to the Hotel Santa Fe… so we were ready to do it all again the very next day!

Thankyou so much for reading Part 2: of my trip report to Disneyland Paris!


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