What is it really like being a Undergraduate Student?

Once again I am sat procrastinating. I am surrounded by papers and books, with my trusty mug of coca-cola beside me. I have three assignments to write, I have washing up to do, I have cleaning to do… I have so much to do. Yet I do not bother. Everything seems too much.

Yet I carry on. I keep typing, trying to get to a point where I have done enough. It is a struggle. People laugh at University Students, saying they do not have it tough. Well honestly, I cannot imagine something worse than this hell.

I am currently living in a little terraced house. It is nice enough, but it is cold. It is that cold I have so many layers of clothing on I cannot move. I have a blanket wrapped around me too, just so my legs do not go stiff. I have gloves on so I can carry on typing. The house is so cold, yet we have damp and mould. But this house is still mine. I love it. It gives me a little bit of freedom. It’s nice to be so close to the University Campus and the City Centre, yet it is nice being far enough away and out of the Student Area, that it is quiet. I cannot complain really, I walk past so many homeless people and feel thankful for what I have. We could end up in that situation, it has been close but somehow we manage. Thanks to loving parents and family, we always know we have security, yet we are too stubborn to take it.

Food is our main problem. We manage each month to spend £15 a week or less on food. We do not have a lot, and we scrounge / save what we can. If it was not for Lidl, and a lovely Staff Discount, we would not be so lucky to have full cupboards, freezer and fridge. There are only a few days I have gone hungry, but that was because we were waiting for either a loan or pay day to come. Yes it is difficult but we manage.

It is scary thinking that without my lovely Bursary and Student loan, we would not have enough money to pay for the electric or the gas and a few homely additions. It is difficult. We manage. Sometimes I wonder, if we did not have these little extra bits of money, how long would it take for us to be in absolute poverty, rather than hovering over the poverty line?

Overall, I manage. I manage working, I manage to get my work done, I manage to keep a life afloat. Yet I do not feel like I am living fully. It is very difficult but I do not have far to go, and it will be worth it in the end.

University is what you make of it. I enjoy my time with my lovely friends, going out for dinner and daytime shopping. I enjoy having midweek lieins and spending days in my pyjamas. It is nice. But for living paycheck to paycheck, freezing cold and hungry, is it worth it?

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