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Enchanted Tiki Room #1 : Comic Review!


It has been quite a while since I reviewed a comic book so I thought I would start with one that I have really enjoyed.

In a remote area of the Pacific Ocean is a volcanic island home to the Enchanted Tiki Room, where just about anything is possible—especially talking to animals. As we examine the lives of some vacationers, Tangaroa (talking tree and father of the Tiki gods) narrates our journey. We meet Agnes—forgotten Hollywood star—and her dog, Alfred. Along with her is the Randy family, who thinks that money can solve all their problems. Lastly, Wally has come for a visit in hopes of forgetting his (recent) ex-girlfriend. One by one, we see what these people are up to—nothing special. But wait! What’s this? An unexpected visitor! What business could she have on the island?  With each of these characters are given  really strong, and in my opinion, hilarious personalities.

I found that this issue felt very fast paced, and had a very cinematic appeal. Eventhough this issue did not really provide much depth of where the story is going, I found that was very much the appeal. It made me feel excited and wanting more from the tiki room!

The artist, Horacio Domingues, illustrates this issue in a manner that is definitely ‘Disney’, with eachcharacters’ features emphasized to fit their stereotypes and their facial expressions are very animated. The line work is strong and simple, this creates a solid basis for the characters story. Additionally, the colour choices are very bright and bold – corresponding to the style of the Tiki Room!

Overall the lighthearted script leaves a very likable tone throughout the story and with fantastic artwork it is a great comic. It is very funny yet ironic, making it a great read for both the old and young.

Overall: 8.5/10

Written by: Jon Adams
Illustrated by: Horacio Domingues



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