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La La Land Review!


Hi Guys!

I finally did it! I watched La La Land. It took me a few weeks to get round to it but I definitely think it was worth the wait.

Damien Chazelle’s kind of musical ‘La La Land’ is actually a beautifuly shot, and often self assured, ‘Love Letter To Hollywood’. Despite this I did feel a lot of nostalgia and love towards the film overall. However, I did feel that there were a lot of cliched moments, that really did not need to be there.

Emma Stone is Mia, a struggling actress who shares an ambition with every other barista in town: to catch a break, or at least receive a crumb of attention from the countless casting agents she flails and fails in front of each day. Ryan Gosling plays a similarly toiling dreamer – Seb, a talented pianist who keeps getting fired from restaurant jobs for playing rambling, off-piste jazz numbers (his ultimate wish is to open a bar of his own, where he can play whatever he wants). They are thrown together during a traffic jam, which I could not really understand, and the story begins from there.
Whilst set in the modern day, but with a 50s twist, the film follows a year of the loved-up couples hopeful dreams and wishes.

For me the musical score was the basis of the film. It was perfection. It is a mixture of piano numbers, free jazz and an orchestra. Really a bit of everything. Despite both Stone and Gosling, not being the best of singers or dancers, the film really does not focus on that. There is so much charm and love that you overlook it.

Eventhough I feel somewhat conflicted of the film, as it sometimes did lose sight of itself. It really was an entertaining film, with a beautiful earworm of a score. It is definitely one to watch!

La La Land is in cinemas now, so go give it a watch!


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