Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider is back!

Le Omniverse

Ben Reilly the original Scarlet Spider is back in the marvel universe thanks to Dan Slott’s (Spider-Man, Silver Surfer) Clone Conspiracy. Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man (one of them anyway) and first debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #149. He then took up the mental of the Scarlet Spider during the event of the infamous 90’s event Clone Sage.


It was recently announced that post Clone Conspiracy, Ben Reilly will headline his own comic starting in April 2017. Peter David (Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man 2099) and artist Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men) were also announced as the creative team to bring the comic to life.


As the images show he will get a new costume which as of now is not as iconic as his 90’s costume, but in time we may come to enjoy it. Here’s hoping the comic does well and has a strong voice with…

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