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TOP 10 things to know before you go!

Hi Guys!

I am once again in the midst of planning another Disneyland Paris holiday, so I thought I would share with you my Top 10 things to know before you go! Obviously after being inspired by the lovely and very enthusiastic Sophie (If you are staying onsite at DLP you will know exactly who I mean once you turn on your T.V). 

10. There is a dragon located under the castle!


Check out La Taniere du Dragon, the entrance for which is on the left hand side of the castle, or down the stairs/elevator in the glass shop within the castle.
This is the largest animatronic in the park and by the far the best. As Disneyland Paris is home to the only dragon trapped underneath a castle, it is definitely one not to miss.

9. You need to take a walk down Liberty and Discovery arcade!

These little ‘alleyways’ are perfect to have a stroll through. They are also a great way to stay away from the cold, and people watch. Do not forget they are perfect for making a quick and easy exit from the park after the fireworks too!

8. Watch Mickey and The Magician!


I cannot begin to describe how amazing this show is. I would highly recommend waiting to experience it live, rather than watching any Youtube videos, because it makes it so much more magical. I cannot wait for my next visit, just so I can watch this wonderful performance again!

7. Take a cruise around the world!


Obviously I would say to have a cruise on It’s A Small World. In my opinion the best ride in Disneyland Paris!

6. Have a moment to take it all in!


Sit on a park bench and watch the world go by. It’s nice!

5. Why not book a meal with the characters!


The perfect way to fill up an autograph book. Character dining can be quite expensive, but I have found it is great value for money. The interactions with the characters can create many memories and laughter all around!

4. Meet Mickey Mouse and friends!


If you are not able to book a meal with the characters, why not pop by one of the photolocations and meet the characters that way. Whilst in Disneyland you really need to say hello to the main man, so go to his home in Fantasyland for a hug and a picture to send home!

3. You will definitely need a pair of Mickey/Minnie ears!


Get involved in the magic! Mickey/Minnie ears are a perfect way to help you do that, especially for those who just want a sprinkle of magic. I find that being able to bring custom ears from home get me a lot of attention from cast members/characters, and it just livens up the day. So why not! Buy yourself a pair.

2. Try to take a few snacks with you!


I am one of them people that do not get very hungry, but I would definitely recommend taking in a few bits with you. It will save you a bit of money, and what is nicer than a cadburys chocolate bar!?

1. Remember you are on holiday!


So many people now think that they need to be constantly taking pictures, updating statuses, tweeting etc. whilst they are away. It is so easy to get caught up in it all, and swept away with the magic. Just do not forget that you are on holiday, and take some time to just wander about and turn off the electricals. Disneyland Paris is the perfect place to become immersed in a world that is far away from reality. Just give it a try.

What are your Top 10 things to know before you go? Leave a comment below or send a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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(DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the photos in this post – credit goes to original photographer).

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