Keep Moving Forward.

Hi Guys.

I was feeling quite prolific today, and thought I would write about something that is quite close to my heart at the moment.

As many of you know I am currently studying Psychology and Speech Pathology. This is a longer degree than most, as it is a 4 year course. It has been at the very core of my life for the past 6 years, as there is the whole admissions process and everything else. It has felt like a lifetime since I thought of anything other than Speech Therapy. Anyway, I am digressing. My main point is that as challenging as this course has been I have not given up, I have strived forward. No matter what the adversity I have kept going.

So really, no matter how down, how sad things have gotten. Just keep moving forward. We all have them thoughts of ‘oh I cannot do this’, ‘I do not know what to do next’, but yet we manage to sometimes struggle through to the next day.

However, each day that you complete you are moving slowly forward to your own ‘Happy Ending’, to the goal that you are striving for. You are reaching things that you never thought  you could. You are becoming a better person, the person that you always wanted to be.

Yes, It may be difficult. Oh it probably will be. But I know that everyone who is reading this, will be able to achieve a little goal of theirs for the future.

So no matter how bad things are getting, keep moving forward. It can only get better!


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