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A Day Out To Blackpool Zoo!

Hey Guys!!

As some of you may know, my lovely boyfriend and I had a day trip to Blackpool Zoo! I adore going to the zoo and looking at all the animals, so what better thing to do on Valentines Day!


Despite it being quite a cold day, it was lovely to have  a little walk round the Zoo and look at the lovely animals. Even though it is still the winter season all of the animals were available to see, and there were still some shows going on. Many of the animals were still in their houses due to the cold, but you were still able to get quite close to them.

I was also lucky enough to have an experience to feed some Giraffes. This was £10 and we were able to book on the day. This was definitely worth the money! We arrived approximately 15-20mins before we were expected. This meant that we could go into the special area that bit sooner and get even closer to the Giraffes. It was fantastic! We were then given nearly an hour and a half to feed the Giraffes and pet them if we wanted! I would highly recommend giving this experience a try if you are able to.

Overall, it was a fantastic day out, and I would highly recommend giving Blackpool Zoo a visit if you have the opportunity!

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