Captain America: Tower Of Terror Overlay!

Hi Guys!

After hearing that there is a rumour due, and rumour/thoughts have it that it is Marvel related, I thought I would come up with my own ‘rumour idea’. Especially after seeing the devestation and chaos of the Tower of Terror Guardians of The Galaxy Overlay. Honestly, I thought I could do better.  So I thought I would share with you all one of my ideas for a ride at Disneyland Paris. This is one of many ‘imaginearing’ ideas for the WDS and DLP in general… I hope you like it.

My idea consists of changing the Tower Of Terror. I do not want the Tower of Terror to change at all, but due to changes in budgeting and if there is an influx in Marvel across the studios, I thought I would think of my own best way around the situation. Do not worry guys, the building will remain the same. With the bold Hollywood Tower Hotel beaming on the side… this time it would be Captain Americas Story, rather than the Twilight Zone.

Upon our arrival we enter a 1930s Hollywood Tower Hotel, and realise that this is now a base for Hydra and The Red Skull. The cobwebs will be gone, and the glitz and glammer of the 1930s will be back. We will be greeted with animatronics of Hydra and The Red Skull, having a conversation about gaining the Super Soldier Serum and their plans to build a super army. Yes this is quite similar to the first Captain America film, but there are plenty of comics to choose a story from. As we spot a shield hidden away, we realise that Captain America is somewhere nearby ready to strike and take down Hydra and The Red Skull.

As we then lead to the side room (where the current Twilight Zone clip is shown) we are welcomed by Agent Carter, or possibly Captain America, who are ready to brief us of our mission. Unfortunately the message cuts off, whilst she says you need to be in the basement ready to meet Cap… the doors open and there we are in the Basement.

Through projection mappins, animatronics, music and sounds, we realise that there is a fight breaking out. We are then ushered inside an elevator by Captain America, as he says it is our only way. The lift then begins to move, showing us scenes of the fight… next thing we realise is that a Hydra member/ Red Skull has cut our elevator shaft wire and we are beginning to hurtle to the ground.

Luckily, Captain America is ready to catch us. He tries to lift us back up, but he fails (the lift moving up and down) which happens on numerous occasions. The lift then hits the bottom, and we are left unsure whether Hydra and The Red Skull have won, or whether Captain America managed to save the day!

We then leave through the store shop, which is filled with nostalgic 1930s attire, and Marvel merchandise. Ready to get our picture and to experience the ride again!


Overall, I have tried to minimise the impact of an overlay of such an iconic attraction. Yet I have tried to maintain the original imaginearing style. This is once again just my idea and it is probably not going to happen – if it does then I am going to go crazy with excitement!

Thanks for reading though guys!

Remember if you have any comments send them through on Twitter @ejh92x or leave them below!

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