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DLP25 Merchandise Wishlist!

Hey Guys!

Thanks to pixiedust.be and ED92 I have been able to start making a little wishlist of everything that I want to buy on my next trip to Disneyland Paris. Despite trying to avoid everything to do with the 25th Anniversary, so I can go to the parks ‘spoiler free’ I am far too excited. So here is my wishlist!


Unfortunately I missed out on the last DLP book, because I kept telling myself I don’t need it. I realised that this is one thing I really need to buy. I am really enjoying learning about everything Disneyland Paris related so I thought this would be a great place to start.



I really want to say that I want EVERYTHING in this Steam Punk pattern. Eventhough I am dissapointed that Daisy Duck is not really on any of the merch, I still want it all. I do plan on buying the Jigsaw, Sweet (just so i can have the tin),


I love my Disneyland Paris pins, if you had not already guessed, so this is one that I need in my collection!


How beautiful does the castle look. The only problem is, how do I get it home?


I have really got an obsession for ears at the moment, and these are some that I love. I will have to see what they look like IRL, but they may be something I buy when I get straight to the park. Also I really like the book behind them, so if this is for sale it will be in my basket.


I really love these keys, but I do think it would be nicer for them to be a pin set. I really want to buy them, but I really do not know what I would do with them.


My new favourite collection. TSUM TSUMS! I am so glad there is a Daisy Tsum, so these will definitely be purchased.

Finally, I need another Duffy. I do have a 20th anniversary one, and a larger one, but really I need a third! Oh and maybe I should get another Shellie May.


Do you have a wish list for DLP25?
Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter!


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One thought on “DLP25 Merchandise Wishlist!

  1. I have a very big list hehe! I must have the Tinkerbell Doll Plush, Tsum Tusm and Vinlymation for sure! And there are so many other bits I want I just hope they keep it all stocked up over the celebrations as I am not going till September!xxx


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