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Lego Disney Mini Figure Series 2: RUMOUR!

Hi guys!

I came across an interesting Youtube video from Zebby Bricks, giving the new Series 2 lineup of Disney Mini Figs. Like most of you I have been eagerly awaiting the second series, and I really do not know what to do with myself until they are released. Rumour suggests that these  minifigs will come in a purple packaging, apparently the first minifig series ever to have purple packaging, and will be released around September 2017. I was hoping that the release would be sooner, as it was nearly a year ago since the first series debuted. There will be once again 18 characters in the set. The rumoured list are….

Pluto & Goofy (together)!
Prince Charming!
Mrs Incredible!
Merida! Tiana!
Prince Naveen!
The Beast!
Winnie The Pooh!
Mike Wazowski!
Sleeping Beauty!

I personally feel that this is a very strong set. I really like how they have decided to complete some of the sets from series 1, such as the Incredibles and Toy Story. However, with the introduction of only Mike, I am wondering whether they will bring Sulley into a Series 3, or possible as a surprise character.

Who knows for the moment. This is currently only a rumour list!

What do you think of the rumoured Lego Disney Minifigure set?

Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending a message on Twitter @ejh92x


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