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My Disney Pin Grail List!

Hi Guys… I thought I would share with you a list of some of the pins that I really want, but can never seem to get my hands on!

Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) – Lilo & Stitch as Belle & Beast


This is one pin that has always seemed to evade me. I have had a few opportunities to get this pin, however fate has never allowed. One day it shall be in my collection!

DLRP – Pin Trading Night (Stitch)


Another Stitch pin… This is one that I have seen in many pin bags, but I have never had the chance to either trade/own this pin. I really would love it to sit in my pin bag next to my Angel Pin Trading Night pin.

DSF – Beloved Tales – Lilo and Stitch


Another pin that I would love to own. This pin is always out of my budget. I just hope that one day I will win the lottery and be able to own this lovely pin.

DLP – Cast Member Exclusive – Ratatouille l’Attraction Opening Day


Once again this is a pin that has evaded me. As a ratatouille pin collector, this is a must for my collection.

DSSH – El Capitan Marquee – Zootopia


Similarly, I am a Zootopia / Zootropolis pin collector, so this is a pin that is a must for my collection. I love the El Capitan pins, so this is one that I really need.


Do you have any pin grails?

If so what are they?

Leave a message on Twitter @ejh92x or leave a comment below!


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