First time moving out.

Hi Guys!

It has been over six months since I moved out from my mums house, and I am nearly ready to move into my next new home. So I thought it was about time I told you some of the things I have learnt.

You really need to budget!

I am one of those people who really struggle having money anyway, so having less security makes it even more challenging. Over the past six months I have realised how poorly I manage money, and this is definitely something I need to work on when I next move house and start my full time job.

Time alone is not really that bad!

Due to Bens work, I often spend a lot of time alone. I used to struggle with this, as I found that I would get frightened of the littlest things. Now I have learnt to accept my own company (I thought I would be good at it, considering as I am only child), and now I really enjoy the peace and quiet.

Being a fan of a clean home is not weird!

There is nothing I love more than having a clean house. It is just so satisfying!

I enjoy quality time with my family more!

Being away from home actually really makes you miss it. Eventhough I am a home bird, I really think that it has made me appreciate my family more, and realise what they used to do for me.

Doing the washing is not that bad!

I am one of them people that really struggle to actually get a washer going. However, I have persevered and carried on, with  basic machine and mastered it. I have only managed to ruin one pillow case, which I don’t think is too bad. Now the only problem is staying on top of all the washing!


Overall, it has not been that bad moving away from home. I still miss my family home, but I am slowly getting better. Yes the independence is lovely, but it can be scary! I would say to really consider everything when moving out, as it is a very big commitment that you can’t just change your mind on (believe me I have tried)!



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