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March Favourites!

Hi Guys!

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Overall, March has been a very strange month for me. At Univeristy I have finished my final placement, handed in my dissertation and had more breakdowns than I can handle. I have also got my first ever ‘real’ job and realised that I am finally growing up. It is quite scary but I think I can handle it. So here are this month’s favourites!

10. Harry Potter Book Set!


I finally got round to buying myself another set of Harry Potter books. I adore my original set, but I really really really wanted a new set. After booking to go back to Harry Potter Studios Tour in June, I thought it was about time to get a new set to have a read through.

9. Zootopia Pin!


I was fortunate enough to trade for this pin. It is a limited edition pin from Hong Kong, and is actually massive! It has been one that I have been looking for, as it looks beautiful. I am so thankful that it is now apart of my collection.

8. Logan!


This is one of my favourite films of the month. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing it was.

7. Moana Skirt!


I am not going to Disneyland Paris until October. However, I have already started outfit planning. Very eager I know. This is one that I bought off Etsy from the lovely StyleMeUniqueGB.

6. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Skirt!

Another skirt. This time one for my trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in June. I am so excited for this trip. It just feels too far away.

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them DVD!


After all this time the DVD was finally released! I am so glad that I was able to get my own copy with a free book from Tesco about the making of the film. I cannot wait to get wrapped up in my Harry Potter fleece and watch this magical film.

4. Chip Mug!


After searching high and low in Primark for a Chip cup. I finally got my own… but actually from the Disney Store. This is such a really cute cup and I am proud to sit him with all my other Beauty and The Beast collectables.

3. Chips and Gravy!

Do I even have to say why I adore this food as much as I do? It has been my go to meal for the past month. I really should stop eating it, but I really can’t!

2. Beauty and The Beast (Live Action)!


This has been my favourite film this month. I have been lucky enough to go and see the film twice in the cinema and I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed the film. Yes there are areas that I did not particularly like/enjoy but overall I loved it! I would definitely recommend giving it a watch if you have not already.

1. Bye Bye Dissertation!

The most personal of all my favourite things this month. Since September I have been working on my Dissertation and I am so glad that it is finally done. I am not happy with the final product, but really who ever is?! However, it does mean that I am one step closer to becoming a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist!


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