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The Disney Challenge!


Hey Guys!

It is time for a break form revision from my finals, so I thought it was about time that I did a quick Blog post! This time it is a post that I got from the lovely Hoodsie over at duffydoesdisney.wordpress.com


  • Favourite Character

    My favourite character at the minute is Judy Hopps, but I really do love Pua too.

  • Favourite Princess

    I have a couple of favourite Princesses. I love Tiana and Belle.

  • Favourite Heroine

    This is a tricky one, as it is one that I never really think about. I think my favourite Heroine has to be Alice.

  • Favourite Prince

    The one that will always be my favourite…. The Beast!

  • Favourite Hero

    Oooo another tricky one. I think my favourite Hero is Stitch. He may not be a typical hero, but he saves Lilo and kicks butt.

  • Favourite Animal

    I love both Meeko and Pua.

  • Favourite Sidekick

    This is similar to my answer before, but my favourite sidekick has to be Meeko.

  • Favourite Villain

    Definitely Dr Facilier… now I think about it maybe Cruella De’Vil.

  • Favourite Original Character

    The one and only Daisy Duck! I am so gutted about the limited amount of Daisy Duck merchandise though.

  • Favourite Song

    My favourite song has to be Try Everything from Zootopia. It really keeps me motivated and ready to keep going.

  • Favourite Love Song

    My favourite Love Song is Can you feel the love tonight from Lion King, or See The Light from Tangled.

  • Least Favourite Song

    This is quite a difficult one to think of…. I don’t really know I love them all.

  • Favourite Kiss

    Belle and Beast! Obviously!

  • First Movie

    This is really difficult to say. I think it is Beauty and The Beast.

  • Favourite Classic

    OOOOHHH another tough one. I think I would say Alice In Wonderland.

  • Least Favourite Classic

    Black Cauldron. No doubt about it.

  • Favourite Pixar Film

    I love the film Ratatouille. It is definitely my favourite Pixar film, closely followed by Inside Out.

  • Least Favourite Pixar Film

    I think it has to be Cars 2. Even The Good Dinosaur wasn’t that bad!

  • Favourite Sequel

    Toy Story 2! The only real sequel that was needed.

  • An Overrated Movie

    Frozen! Do I need to say anymore?!

  • An Underrated Movie

    I think that would be Home on The Range. It is one of my favourite Disney Films.

  • A Film That Makes You Laugh

    They all make me laugh for so many different reasons.

  • A Film That Makes  You Cry

    They all make me cry but Inside Out always has me as a blubbering mess.

  • Favourite Scene

    It is definitely when Beast leads Belle into the library.

  • Saddest Death

    Bing Bong! Obviously.

  • Favourite Quote


  • Favourite Theme Park

    Disneyland Paris! Obviously.

  • Favourite Theme Park Attraction

    The one and only It’s A Small World

  • Favourite Theme Park Show

    An oldie but a goodie…. Animagique.

There it is. My honest Disney answers. It has taken me a long while to complete, but I really enjoyed it. So I will tag everyone to have a go. I’d love to see your responses.




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