We Stand Together!

It has been a week since the ‘One Love’ Concert in Manchester and a little bit longer since the ‘incident’ and I still cannot comprehend what happened in our beloved City.

As a proud Mancunian words still cannot begin to describe how I feel that one of our own could carry out such an atrocity. What makes it worse for me is that the disgusting vile creature was so close to my home in Manchester when I lived there, and how that caused so much confusion and upset within the local area. I still feel upset and in fear when Ben has to go back to work in Manchester, just because of the fear that I have of him being in that area. However, this level of fear does not stop us carrying on with our lives, from visiting shopping centres, going to concerts. It will not stop us.

It just saddens me of hearing of the following attacks in London and in Paris. It’s awful and disgusting to see the lengths that these barbaric scum, think is appropriate.

It is vile that they are hiding behind religion and hiding behind a false ‘belief’. It is disgusting that these atrocities are carrying on in the world we live in. That people live in fear and are upset to go outside. Yet we are strong.

People throughout the world will continue to unite and carry on with their life and practice their true religions promoting peace and love. Fear will not disrupt our lives. Whether we be Mancunian, Scouser, Londoner or from a different planet … if we share the same views to abolish this atrocity, we will unite and we will keep calm, and we will carry on.


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